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this is your weekly lay post feat. his co-workers (MEDIA HEAVY)

Hello, this is a Lay post because we all need more Lay in our life. As a bonus I added some EXO to avoid a overdose. Let's see what our fave future exodus member has been up to in the past days.

He composed a new song for his drama "Operation Love".

VogueMe was kind enough to bless us with more photos of his latest photoshoot.

Weibo now has a snapchat feature (who doesn't copy snapchat these days) and ofc Yixing had to try it and promote his new drama.

Chaumet uploaded a video featuring God himself on their official Youtube Channel.

During a BTS video for a Operation Love photoshoot Lay was caught singing along to Bieber's latest radio hit "Love Yourself".

To promote Operation Love Lay took time out of his busy schedule and answered some fan questions on weibo.

EXO @ Incheon Airport flying to New York for their tour.

sources: twitter xingpark 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, youtube namja onetwofour, layshands 1, 2, chaumet, MoreFormsMedia, CBC
Tags: airport, cf, exo, exodus, lay, never dont mind about a thing, overseas activities, photoshoot, social media/youtube, thats right my type

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