January 7th, 2022


fromis_9 breaks own record for stock pre-orders with 'Midnight Guest'

fromis_9 has already set a new personal record with their upcoming mini album—even before its release!

According to fromis_9’s album distributor YG PLUS, as of January 3, the group’s fourth mini album “Midnight Guest” had already surpassed 80,000 stock pre-orders—marking their highest number of stock pre-orders for an album to date. Impressively, it only took five days for fromis_9 to hit that figure, leaving industry watchers curious to see just how much higher the album’s stock pre-orders will rise.

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'fun factory' is their best-selling album with over 60k copies sold on gaon and 'midnight guest' surpassed that number in only 5 days ♡ hoping for a new 1st week sales record on hanteo as well! how many copies have you pre-ordered, omona?
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Teaser roundup featuring Hyolyn, Whee In, Yuju, Astro JinRock & Momoland

HYOLYN "Layin’ Low (feat. Jooyoung)" teaser pic

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Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! First week of 2022 down! Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back to the 1st week of January, 2013.

#3 Juniel “Bad Man”
2012 was a big year for her, she made her Korean debut after starting her career in Japan the year before. This was the lead single from her second EP. Some of the other songs on the album included Korean versions of her Japanese songs. OT, but she and CN Blue’s Yonghwa became FNC trainees on the same day. Did FNC debut everyone in Japan first back then? Here’s her comeback stage at Music Core. With some loud fanchants.

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