January 8th, 2022

Lee Jung Jae Confirms He Will Not Attend Golden Globes Due To Boycott And COVID-19 Issues

Lee Jung Jae will not be attending the 2022 Golden Globes despite being nominated for awards.

Lee Jung Jae has been nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama for his performance in “Squid Game.” “Squid Game” was also nominated for Best Television Series – Drama and O Yeong Su was nominated for Best Supporting Actor – Television.

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Source: EDaily via C. Hong for Soompi

I still haven't finished squid game so again please no spoilers! I didn't know there was a Golden Globes boycott? Which other award shows would you boycott omona? 😈

Same sex couple loses suit against state health insurer over spousal coverage

A Seoul court ruled Friday against a same sex couple demanding the same spousal health insurance coverage as heterosexual couples, saying matrimony in South Korea is still considered a union between a man and a woman.

In February last year, So Seong-wook filed the administrative lawsuit against the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) after the agency canceled So's coverage under the insurance program of his male partner's employer.

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Source: The Korea Times

Is same sex marriage legalized where you live, Omona?

'Sewing Sisters' explores hidden figures of Korea's labor movement

Chun Tae-il, a tailor and activist who set himself on fire to raise awareness of textile workers' poor labor conditions in 1970, is a symbolic figure in Korea's labor movement history.

Following Chun's self-immolation, unions sprang up and hundreds of workers at Pyounghwa Market, a cluster of sweatshops in Seoul's Dongdaemun Market area, stood up to seek guarantees of workers' rights. The majority of them were women and girls who started working at garment factories as teenagers.

These young women were sent off to work to support financially desperate families, rather than going to middle school. The working conditions in sweatshops were grueling.

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Source (including image): Kwak Yeon-Soo for The Korea Times

Thought this was such a good read focusing on the intersection of class and gender, and I really appreciated the brief discussion of period poverty!
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Weeekly Covers EXID’s “Every Night”

The song can be found on Spotify here! I found this on Spotify first and thought it was a new song since I didn’t know it was a cover, as I was playing the song it hit me that I definitely know this from another group. Now it makes sense lol!

Source: ONCE

Soeun and Monday’s lovely vocals are showcased here! It reminded me I haven’t listened to Every Night in awhile, I’ll need to get that back to the top of my playlist. Songs like this are always welcome!
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Artist Company on “The Game Caterers” (Episode 1)

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Fun! Honestly surprised that Jung Woo Sung & Lee Jung Jae seem friendly and familiar with their artists and their work. I thought they would be in charge in name only. Edit because now I remember that when one of the artists in the company dropped out of a drama halfway through because of a dui, Jung Woo Sung stepped in and took over the role and Lee Jung Jae appeared in an episode too. So they really do take a responsibility over the company

source: 채널 십오야 1 2