January 11th, 2022

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"Space Walk" emerging as popular tourist spot in Pohang

The nation's largest walkable art installation, named, "Space Walk" in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, is emerging as a popular tourist attraction.

According to Pohang City, Space Walk has rapidly gained attention from tourists and residents alike, as visitors can enjoy beautiful sunrises, sunsets and night views from the roller coaster track-like structure.

More than 110,000 people have visited it since its opening on Nov.19 last year, the city said.

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No, thank you.

source: The Korea Times & Trip Tube
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LG’s virtual human to make debut as singer

LG Electronics said Tuesday it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Mystic Story, a local music label led by singer-song writer Yoon Jong-shin, to debut its virtual human ambassador, Reah Keem, as a singer.

Yoon, Mystic’s chief producer, will oversee the overall project from writing songs to vocal training for Keem. Her imminent debut was teased last week when LG unveiled a music video clip at the Consumer Electronics Show.

“I want to be an artist who not just makes music but also communicates with the public through diverse artistic elements such as visual art and fashion,” Keem said in a statement.

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Pic with Mystic Story producer Yoon Jong-shin is obviously modified lol.

source: The Korea Herald

No Sleep Club debut video roundup


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I love this, it reminds me of high school lol. Like, I've definitely played something like this on the drive down to San Diego for the Warped Tour...omg their band description: "pop punk band from korea / trying to bring back the 90s" oh my heart. The band's lead singer is Kasper, soloist and former contestant of Unpretty Rapstar.

source: MAJOR9 [메이저9 / 메이저나인] & no sleep club
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Jay Park to set up new agency to create idol group

Jay Park might be launching an idol group in the future!

Previously, Jay Park announced that he will be stepping down from his position as CEO of both AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC, and fans were curious what he would do next. According to industry representatives, he is working on establishing a new label so that he can launch an idol group. In particular, Kakao Entertainment is expected to make a large investment in it.

Jay Park first made his appearance in the K-pop industry as an idol when he debuted as a member of 2PM in 2008. On top of that, he is talented in hip hop and R&B, so he is expected to create a unique idol group that is very different from existing idols.

Industry representatives commented, “Just like JYP Park Jin Young successfully [created] a large number of idol groups with his colors, Jay Park will be able to bring a new wave to the music industry by producing idols with his own style.”

On January 11, Kakao Entertainment responded to the reports, saying, “Jay Park is an artist with talent in various fields as a singer and producer, and we are currently discussing various types of business partnerships, but nothing has been specifically confirmed.”

sources: soompi, sports chosun, xsportnews
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☄️KEP1ER☄️ : Silence of Idol, random dance @ Idol Live, M/V Reaction

[MUPLY's video timestamps]0:00 Kep1er is at the Silence of Idol💘
0:24 ‼Trainer shows up‼
0:34 Profile written by other members❣
2:38 ChaHyun imitates Shin Chan's voice😜
3:29 DaYeon's echo of the singing room🎙
5:11 RULE📢
5:55 Mission START! ✨WA DA DA✨
8:49 What a teamwork Kep1er🤣
10:07 What is happening at the punishment zone?
13:20 Kep1er's mission result❓

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source: MUPLY, kpop planet, Kep1er
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(TW) Billie and Oh My Girl members talk about intense diet regulations set up by their agencies

On Jan 6th, the 23rd episode of the web entertainment show “Is Jjung’s home empty?” hosted by Oh My Girl‘s Hyo-jung and Binnie?’ was released on the YouTube channel DUM DUM STUDIO.

New girl group Billie members Moon Soo-ah and Soo-hyun, who appeared as guests of the episode, were excited, saying it was their first time eating meat in a really long time.

Oh My Girl's Binnie then recalled her early debut days and said she feels sorry for her juniors and that the Billie members had not been able to eat meat for a long time due to their diet. Binnie also confessed that her agency prevented her from going to the mart. Billie members also agreed, saying that they were limited from going to the mart even before their debut.

However, Binnie said, “It’s all useless,” adding, “Even if the agency doesn’t restrict us, we will realize that later and manage it by ourselves”.
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sources: kbizoom.com, insight.co.kr, DUM DUM Studio

Girls High School Mystery Class season 1 discussion post + season 2 is airing!!

By director Jung Jong Yeon (The Genius, Society Game, The Great Escape), in this mystery variety show comedian ms long legs Jang Do Yeon, our favorite redhead MC Jae Jae, clever news achor Park Ji Yoon, singer and my future bodyguard Bibi and former Iz*One member and snack caterer Yena transfer to an all-girls high school to uncover secrets and strange events at the school - while eating plenty of snacks.

The first season aired last year (January-March 2021; 16 episodes of 30-40 minutes) and can be watched at Dramacool with english subtitles.

The second season has started airing on December 31st and will have 8 episodes of 90 minutes each. The series will be fansubbed by Baechu Squad (who also subbed The Genius etc.) and the prequel episode for season 2 with english subtitles be watched here.

Source: Drama information & Image via My Dramalist, Dramacool, Baechu Squad

If you love women solving mysteries, snacks and a good laugh maybe try this variety show out! I binged this show the past week and it's so fun, the final episode had me in tears. The first episode of season 2 will probably be subbed in a few days, so if you're interested I could make a discussion post for the second season :)