January 14th, 2022

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Hi omona! I saw Encanto on Monday and I've had We Don't Talk About Bruno stuck in my head ever since. What's stuck in your head this week? also if you saw me accidentally post this yesterday, no you didn't

"All of Us Are Dead" Official Trailer

School's out and classes are canceled but there’s a catch—it’s all thanks to a rampant zombie virus turning their closest friends into monsters. When a regular day at school turns into an unexpected battle against their newly flesh-crazed classmates, the remaining survivors will need to count on their instincts if they want to survive.

It’s a zombie-eat-human world in the new Netflix series ALL OF US ARE DEAD, starring Park Ji-hu (HOUSE OF HUMMINGBIRD), Yoon Chan-young (EVERYTHING AND NOTHING), Cho Yi-hyun (HOSPITAL PLAYLIST), Lomon (SWEET REVENGE), Yoo In-su (STRANGER 2), and Lee You-mi (SQUID GAME).

Coming to Netflix January 28.

source: The Swoon
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Foreign creators excited over Korea’s upcoming Hallyu visa

Aiming to further cement its rising global profile as a soft power nation, South Korea is set to introduce a new visa program this year to draw global cultural talents.

Dubbed the Hallyu visa in reference to the Korean Wave of films, TV dramas and music sweeping across the world, the new program is designed to support the entry of foreigners eager to learn about the Korean culture and entertainment industry.

A senior Justice Ministry official explained that those who plan to stay more than 90 days in Korea and who enroll in entertainment-related education here will be eligible.

“The Justice Ministry has been pushing for the Hallyu visa program on the back of soaring demand for education on Korea’s cultural content, to add further momentum to the Korean Wave and support the pandemic-hit local culture and music industry,” the official told The Korea Herald.

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source: The Korea Herald
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Flashback Friday

Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back to see what was on top for the 2nd week in January, 2009. Most of the songs were posted before, so we’ll see some comeback stages.

#3 Leessang featuring Jung In “Champion”
This song was inspired by the true story of Korean boxing champion Choi Yo Sam. In the last round of a Christmas match, he dropped with only five seconds remaining. He beat the count and won the fight. But he still collapsed again in the ring and was rushed to the hospital. He passed away a week after the match. Leessang’s Gil wrote this song dedicated to the boxer, who was apparently an acquaintance to both Gil and Gary. Gary would direct the music video.

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source: WEJHYS J 위지스제이, MBCkpop 1 2 3, SMTOWN & bugs
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Wild animal cafes to be banned

The government will ban operation of wild animal cafes where people can see and touch the animals, in a bid to better protect the animals, according to the Ministry of Environment, Friday.

The measure follows criticism that animals at wild animal cafes are stressed from exposure to customers as well as poorly managed hygiene standards.

"There are 159 such cafes nationwide where raccoons, meerkats, prairie dogs as well as various amphibians and reptiles are on display," a ministry official said.

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source: The Korea Times
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🏴‍☠️🖤✨ Omona Original: Attending Day 2 of the ATEEZ Concert in Seoul ✨🖤🏴‍☠️

I'm aaaallll the way in the back!

On January 8, 2022 I traveled to Seoul, South Korea to see ATEEZ live for the second day of their three-day concert, 'The Fellowship: Beginning of the End'. If you're interested in finding out what it was like attending a concert in Korea during the pandemic, read on!

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Source: ATEEZofficial on Twitter (header pic) / all other photos are my own personal photos