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Sooyoung & Jung Kyung Ho spotted on a date ❤️

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung was spotted on a date with Jung Kyung Ho, her boyfriend of five years.

The fashionable couple was seen holding hands while strolling down the street. They didn’t seem to mind if people saw and recognized them or not, and acted the way a normal couple would.

A representative from Jung Kyung Ho’s agency recently informed the public that the two are still together. “Although they are both busy, it seems like they are regularly finding time to meet and go on dates. The company doesn’t interfere in this area as we respect the personal lives of our actors,” said the representative.

The couple went public with their relationship back in January 2014.

Article: A celebrity couple's confident weekend date in public
Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate

1. [+838, -37] I never thought they'd last long but it's surprising that they are and it's good to see!
2. [+681, -36] Looks like such a happy relationship ㅎㅎ they match well too with both being so tall and all
3. [+528, -32] Good to see~~ ^^
4. [+34, -4] I always thought Jung Kyung Ho looked short and Sooyoung looked tall but they look good together being so long limbed. They're both dressed quite fancily too like a photoshoot ㅋ I like that they keep their relationship on the downlow
5. [+34, -6] That gold metallic skirt... is she really trying not to get attention? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
6. [+28, -5] I hope they get married, they match so well
7. [+24, -6] Looks straight out of a pictorial...
8. [+23, -4] Wow, very cool that they're so confident out in public like that~ they match well
9. [+19, -4] Looking good out in the good weather lately... be happy~
10. [+18, -4] Sooyoung has good style compared to the other SNSD members with tacky style

sources: soompi, naver 1, 2, nate, netizenbuzz
Tags: actor/actress, couple, netizens, sooyoung

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