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Sulli’s Interview for ELLE Korea (May Issue)

Q: Do you agree that you are the hottest star at this point right now?

S: Am I really like that? I don’t know how hot it is, but it seems like it’s hot (laughs). I think I receive attention from a lot of people.

Q: You are being invited as a Muse for many brands, what do you think is your most beautiful asset?

S: When I do what I really want to do, it seems like that’s the most beautiful [asset that I have]. To dress how I want to dress, to take pictures that I want to take, I am the one who needs to do what I want to do. Then, I will look pretty and the happiest.

Q: I was surprised at the bold image [you showed] in front of the camera while watching the pictorial. You were totally immersed and unceasingly tried something new in every picture.

S: It’s because I enjoy [taking] photos. As I take pictures, I want the images to come out in a certain way like what’s in my mind. I feel really good when I try and I do it right. If the picture doesn’t come out as what I think of, [I will] take a different one again. The outcome is what I’m making. If the picture that came out is not satisfactory, I’ll feel sorry more than anyone else.

Q: Regardless of others’ attention or standards, you wish to express ‘yourself’ freely.

S: Yes, that’s right. Of course, what I say is not 100% right all the time. Sometimes, you hear and make mistakes but, people are continuously changing. If you cannot speak or act because you are afraid to make a mistake, I think it’s a loss for the individual and the society as well. I guess I am a person who wants to talk a lot, do I have a lot of urges? I don’t want to stop it no matter what.

Q: What do you think of yourself?

S: I think I’m like a child. Since I was a child, it took a lot of time for me to have a job and find myself. It wasn’t long before I learned, knew and thought about something in detail. I think I stayed in the state of mind of a child for a long time. I guess I learned a little more detail about such things late. I am putting a lot of effort in finding myself. As I clear my mission step by step, I feel proud when I see myself growing up.

Q: If it’s a mission, does it tell something about you?

S: Eveything is done. For example, there were times when I couldn’t go to a cafe alone, my dream was to spend time alone reading a book at a cafe in front of my house. But in reality, I couldn’t [sit] for too long because my butt will hurt (laughs). While developing mentally, I think the outward appearance changes too. I realized that my inner self-esteem and confidence increase when I’m working.

Q: Is Sulli a Good girl or Bad girl?

S: I may be a bad girl to others but, I am good overall, I want to live as a good girl in the future too. When I become a bad girl, I will realize by myself that ‘bad Jinri has appeared’. Is it not at least a good thing to try and make effort to become a better person? (laughs)

Q: The movie starring Kim Soo-hyun is waiting to be released.

S: I will not give any spoiler (laughs). To me, is the best work, I take the character of Song Yoo-hwa. I love Yoo-hwa very much to the point that I want to name [my] child ‘Yoo-hwa’ later on. I felt so sad when the filming was over. I think the character of Yoo-hwa has become a part of me.

Q: I’m curious about what movies do you like.

S: I watch movies alone and give it my rating. There are films that I rated 5 stars. The movies I watched recently (on smart phone) were "Betty Blue" (1986), "Nell" (1994), "Girl, Interrupted" (1999). I like it once a pretty girl comes out [of the movie] (laughs).

Q: What kind of woman and man do you consider attractive?

S: As they say, ‘I’m in cringes’ ‘Middle school second grade illness’, such things are commonly used often. These days, people seem to avoid serious stories, I think of myself in every position, I find people who talk about what you want to do are cool. Even if you do not agree with it, ‘respect’ it.
[중2병 – ‘middle school second grade illness’ or ‘grade 8 syndrome’, this slang is usually used to say about a not-grown person.]

S: Painting/drawing is my hobby. I also share the illustrations I painted/drew on SNS. There was a time when I wanted to run away to somewhere, I resolved it when I painted. How did I do painting for the first time, I painted on the biggest canvas using watercolors with my bare hands. I can’t really draw very well. Sometimes, I paint like [I am writing on] a diary. Suddenly, people around me are requesting me to draw (for them). The picture I drew was used for IU eonni’s album jacket. Actually, the picture I drew for IU eonni wasn’t new. I closed my eyes, I didn’t take my hand off, it was a face I drew with a single line. I have entered IU eonni’s heart. Recently, my hobby is horseback riding! I don’t like exercising in particular but, horseback riding is fun and an exercise too. I think I’ve got abs already.

*The picture drawn by Sulli used for IU’s album jacket

S: Recently, I uploaded pictures of my 24th birthday party on SNS. It was a surprise birthday party! It took place at home, with Hara eonni and my friends as well.

source: jinridaily
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