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Music Bank says Laboum's win was valid

Laboum’s win over IU in last week’s “Music Bank” was not a tally error, the program’s producers said Sunday.

The lesser-known group’s triumph over the singer, whose album is currently topping online charts, was a surprise to many, who questioned the transparency and fairness of the show.

“Music Bank” tallies points based on digital track popularity, viewers’ preferences, performances and record popularity, according to the program’s staff quoted by local media outlet TV Report. Every Friday’s winner is decided Tuesday ahead of the show, based on statistics gathered from the previous week.

“Due to the popular sentiment leaning toward IU, Laboum’s win was surprising to our staff as well,” said the staff member to TV Report, “But nothing was amiss about the data.”

In response to fans who took issue with how “Music Bank” credited zero points to IU’s album, the source explained that IU had not released her album when the points were being tallied.

“Points for the TV performance only take up 5 percent. Laboum timed the release of its album well,” the source said.

Source: KPopHerald
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