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Even More Drama Delays Due to Election

The South Korean presidential election is coming up in under two weeks, which means that this is probably just the first wave of drama pre-emptions in store for us.

MBC’s Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People will be pre-empted twice over the next two weeks: There will be no episodes aired on Tuesday, May 2 for presidential debates, and then again on Tuesday, May 9 for Election Day. That means the show will conclude a week later than expected, on May 16.

SBS’s Whisper will be pre-empted on May 9 for Election Day. Producers are still considering a 1-episode extension for the series to make up for it.

Sources: Dramabeans/E Today/Star News

I'll try to post any more pre-emptions and delays caused by the election. Anyone watching either of these dramas?
Tags: drama, mbc, sbs

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