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Il etait une fois

🐰April K-indie post!🐰

아미마 - Wave

This chill vaporwave track has a simple yet cool backwards-footage video.

Moonshine - Mind (feat. Nucksal)

Some of the best sad R&B I've heard in a while.

jhnovr - Seoul City

Relaxing trap that's definitely perfect for driving around at night to. You can check out more music on his Soundcloud.

LIMZY - Live Room

I'm not sure if the song is actually called "Live Room" or if this is just a live video. Either way, it's good.

Other releases this month:
  • SOMA - Midnight In Paris M/V
  • Okdal - Love Advice and Intern M/Vs
  • Demicat - Oredorok album
  • Conic Section - In the Fast Lane M/V
  • Mind U feat. Mad Clown - Loved U M/V
  • Suran feat. Changmo - If I Get Drunk Today/Wine audio
  • Ulala Session - Korea's favorite springtime songs compilation/cover
  • I'm Live episodes 1 and 2

    Source: Luminant Entertainment, kt music, WE LOVE KPOP, jhnovr soundcloud,Vlue Vibe Records
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