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Actor!Soo cast as male lead in upcoming musical, to play North Korean soldier

According to industry insiders on the 8th, Do Kyungsoo’s newest appearance will be in the film Swing Kids. Actress Park Jinjoo’s casting had already been announced for this film by director Kang Hyungchul, who had helmed Sunny and Scandal Makers and will be making his return three years after Tazza: The Hidden Card.

The story will follow Ro Kisoo, a North Korean prisoner of war during the Korean War who falls in love with tap dancing while in a concentration camp. Anticipation is high for Do Kyungsoo in the role of Ro Kisoo.

According to insiders, Do Kyungsoo believes it’s an honor to work with the admired Kang Hyungchul. With their meeting, we anticipate that Do Kyungsoo will take one step closer from being a rising star of Chungmuro to becoming an actor of it.

Director Kang Hyungchul is currently occupied with further casting. Filming is expected to begin in September.

Source: The Seoul Story (1, 2), fydk-translations via Sports Chosun, Naver, Sports.Donga

tfw you're happy bcs kyungsoo has another another movie but then realize he's playing another solider so that means he's cutting his hair again

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