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Leeteuk asked election candidate for celebrities' special diplomatic treatment

Leeteuk's question to Moon Jae In (presidential candidate):

"I've heard that businessmen and public service workers use APEC cards and special passports. Would it be possible if you could also provide a similar system for culture providers..."

"In fact, businessmen do get special passports and visas for their global business promotions. Among the APEC countries, they issue things like corporate passports for long-term visas and stays. Many systems like this exist. However, the hallyu celebrities don't get access to such services although their roles are just as important. I'm not so sure about the special passport but I think it's definitely needed."

Pann: What Leeteuk said to Moon Jae In today on the 4th

1. [+377, -9] Also Taeyeon had said something about how idol training is harder than national exams and university preparation ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I know it's hard to be an idol but it made me speechless how she said that when she hadn't studied properly. What Leeteuk said is even worse. Foreigners will think Korean idols are at the level of 5th-rank public service workers or something.

2. [+240, -5] Ugh, that's not something he should wish.

3. [+217, -5] Isn't that too much?

4. [+106, -1] I'm sorry but the quality of his work is different. How can he wish to be at the same level as the 5th rank who's responsible for major national affairs?

5. [+98, -0] Honestly speaking, he seems to think he's really something.

6. [+91, -1] Wow... That's so unlikeable.

7. [+90, -0] Isn't this also lookism? Someone has to study hard to become a public service worker but but someone can become a 5th rank public service worker with their handsome face.

8. [+84, -0] He's proving that he's uneducated and ignorant ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+78, -0] I really dislike him because he's the type that says things without thinking because he's immature and irresponsible. He also has a lot of controversies but a lot of them got buried because of his fans' shield.

10. [+71, -0] I know celebs work hard in their field but it's so gross how they have this superior mindset like him. Leeteuk happened to show it because he's stupid but a lot of celebrities must also think the same way. Once they become popular, they forget about their rookie days and become arrogant.

11. [+71, -0] All of the candidates are talking about giving up their privileges but Leeteuk is trying to make them for himself.

12. [+58, -2] He's nothing but an entertainer ㅋㅋ

source: kpop kfans, pann
Tags: political news, super junior, who asked for this
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