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Omona it's a Mod Post! Got a question for the mod team? This is your chance!

Hello lovely omonians, it your favourite mod team reporting for duty, this time bringing you...


Got a burning question for us regarding the community or a suggestion you think might improve everyone's experience here? This is the place to drop it and see what we can do about it. There's no question too small, so let's get some discussions going.

Some other posts that might help you out:
Brush over our community rules
All of OMONA's posting guidelines
Sites you should source from
Style your posts! A brief guide for basic HTML

We have some of our own suggestions for post-making that we'd like everyone to consider:

1. The word SOURCE. It should be there. Lately, more and more posts are missing this, but please do add it. It's how you properly indicate the source, you know exactly where to look. Let's make using it trendy again.

2. Post context. Sometimes posts could use some context to them. Why not make that OP note more official? I know this is the internet and we don't like reading, but a sentence or two or some funny commentary might just get more people interested to click that 10 minute video you'd like us to watch.

3. Trigger Warnings. We want to be as careful as possible to let people know what they are going to be looking at in any type of posts, so highly visibly (bolded/ reddened) text explaining what type of triggers we're signing up for are very appreciated. Things like excessive flashing lights, suicide, violence, abuse etc. If the content is a video, visibly write it underneath. If the content is text, signal the triggers and put the content under a cut.

4. Reminder that Imgur does not work on omona. At all.

And with that, thanks to everyone for caring about our community and making it a fun place to hang-out!
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