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K.A.R.D to debut in July? Plus "WILD KARD" tour fancams

So apparently KARD told fans at their LA concert that their official debut will be in July (this has yet to be confirmed by an official source and as far as I can tell there are no ~receipts of KARD saying this but it sounds plausible). Anyway, here, have some fancams (very very media heavy):


ZAM I Won't Stop cover (by far their best cover imo)

Oh Na Na live

Don't Recall Eng version epic gifable fancam

WILD KARD in Houston


I Won't Stop (choreo actually visible)

Wild KARD in Chicago Encore (Don't Recall Korean version and Rumor )

I think I'll leave the American pop covers for the next stan to post because idk if I'm even allowed to embed this many videos. I wanted to include these super high def DaftTaengk cams from last month in case you guys haven't seen it, because DaftTaengk fancams are pretty amazing:

B.M taking his shirt off just cause? (fan screams are fucking LOUD, do your ears a favor and turn down the volume)

Girls doing a sexy dance. Somin barely copes, Jiwoo does well then runs away, B.M. pretends to be embarrassed for them (dignified role model that he is, ahem), J.Seph watches with interest, is disappointed when it's over.

Random Play Dance with annoying overly strict MC

(I linked to every video just to be thorough)
sorry mods, I'd link to the channel for the vids that are from a single source except I was told not to do that in previous posts and I'm confused :(( take pity on me I'm clueless (-_-);;
@kardupdates tweet
Airiindeshou Youtube Don't Recall
Airiindeshou YT Oh Na Na
Airiindeshou YT I won't Stop LA
LMK Youtube Rumor
Chris Nagano Youtube I won't stop
Elizabeth Busch Youtube Chicago
Haley B Youtube B.M
Airiindeshou Youtube sexy dance fancam
Wild Kard Youtube fancam
DaftTaengk YT cams Oh Nana
DaftTaengk YT Rumor
DaftTaengk YT Don't Recall
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