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what has exo's part-time worker been up to? read this post to find out!

Operation Love Behind the scenes

170426 Lay singing and playing the guitar to Jay Chou's 回到过去 (Return to the past)

170501 Pool Scene BTS

170504 Yixing just can't stop singing

170506 Lay playing badminton

170509 Lay rehearsing the song 别人家的小孩 (lit trans. Other people's child)

170512 We are a love triangle that gets along (dork!xing is back)

170511 Yixing who never stops singing

170515 Yixing and Coco Lee's Dance Battle

170515 Yixing and Coco playing Pool

Vogue Me Weibo Update

At some event, I forgot which one but who cares he looked good

Self-Composed song "Pray" for his drama "Operation Love"

The poster of his movie with Krystal, "Unexpected Love", got revealed (or will soon be? idk). Still no update when the film will hit theaters.

Bonus: His english parts in Kungfu Yoga (the movie with Jackie Chan)

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Tags: exo, krystal, movie, photoshoot
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