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Day6 is hilarious in their interview with MTVAsian, hint at fandom name!

Stop DAYdreaming fam, we are back with DAY6's answers to your questions!
We handed the mic over to you guys to be our special interviewers for DAY6 and took it to our Twitter and Facebook pages to get YOUR questions for DAY6. The response was overwhelming – more than 1,500 questions from fans around the world! Aaaaaand TADAHHHHH – the boys have chosen 15 of your creative and quirky questions! Check out if they've chosen yours:

1. What do you guys want your fandom name to be?
– @dayssixs via Twitter
Jae: No idea yet, too many good ones.
Young K: I personally think "Daisy" or "Holiday" would be a great fandom name! Apparently Daisy's meaning is pure-hearted and I think it suits our fans so much. Also holiday gives me comfortable feelings and I think the word itself is very pretty so it suits the fandom name too!
Wonpil: I want the fandom name to be whatever our fans want it to be. If they like it then I'm sure we would love it.
2. Do you pour the milk before or after the cereal?
– @nctstan via Twitter
Jae: Neither. Milk and cereal for the weak.
Dowoon: You aren't supposed to put cereal over milk. Ever. You must first pour in your cereal and then pour the milk, thus soaking the magnificence of the milk in Every. Crunchy. Delicious. Bite.
3. Which member in the band has the worse sense of humour?
– @jaerryblossom via Twitter
Sungjin: Kim Won Pil. Please… I urge you... Stop laughing at his jokes. He's actually starting to think he's funny. The chances of him being funny is similar to Shaq doing a 3-Pointer. I still love you Wonpil.
Jae: Agreed with bob
*Bob is a nickname that Jae uses to call Sungjin, if you don't already know.

4. What are your favourite Disney movies?
– @ycungk via Twitter
Jae: I definitely choose Pocahontas!
Young K: Probably Tarzan because it'll bring memories of me watching it with my mom when I was young. Also, Tarzan going on adventures in the woods seemed so free. Probably the reason why I grew up loving to travel & go camping is 'cuz of this movie!
Wonpil: Pinocchio.
5. What would you be doing if you weren't doing music?
– @sassyneki via Twitter
Sungjin: I think I would have been a therapist (Jae: LOL) or a businessman. I really enjoy meeting and interacting with people so I feel like I would have definitely pursued a career involving these two things.
Jae: UN Informal Caucus Maestro?
Dowoon: I've liked motorcycles, sports and animals since I was younger. So I feel like I would have ended up as a mechanic, an athlete or a lion tamer.

6. Which one of you is the best drinker?
– @dayssixs via Twitter
Jae: Bob. Definitely Bob
Wonpil: Probably Sungjin.
7. Any international artists you'd like to collaborate with if you were given the chance to?
– @yungk6day6 via Twitter
Sungjin: Of course it would be Coldplay. Songwriting together would be awesome but if we were able to get the chance to even talk and bounce ideas off of each other, that in itself would be amazing.
Jae: Nicki Minaj

8. How do you usually celebrate a member's birthday?
– @d6kilogram via Twitter
Dowoon: No matter how busy everyone are, we have a rule to always get each other a cake on their birthdays. Good rule. Can't wait till my birthday.
9. Just wondering which member can hit the highest note?
– Sweeyie Yow via Facebook
Young K: Definitely Wonpil. He is super explosive especially on extremely high notes lol. He goes hard starting from high C so we used to call him CPil LOLOL
Wonpil: Probably Jae.
10. If you could pick any talent other than singing and dancing, what would it be and why?
– Nurul Shaffezah via Facebook
Sungjin: Well I'm already a singer and dancer so.... Wowzers.
Jae: Invisibility. You know why.

11. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your lives, what would it be?
– Maggie Kong via Facebook
Sungjin: Japanese curry! It's already a part of my daily routine. The thing is I usually get tired of things rather quickly but the heavenly spices got me hooked.
Jae: And alas, Jae died.
Young K: If I could have only one menu... I would choose ramyeon noodle lol. I haven't gotten sick of it ever and depending on what I put in the soup, I could enjoy all different kinds of flavours so ramyeon is the best, period.
Dowoon: I sincerely pray that the world never comes to this... but if it does, I would have to go with meat.
12. If you were to be stuck on an island, who do you want to be with?
– Mary Gabrielle Gabriel via Facebook
Sungjin: Jae! I feel like he'd be active for his survival. Imma leech off him.
Jae: Not Wonpil.
13. "If it's meant to be, it will be" or "if you want it, go get it"?
– Lean Joyce Mamaril via Facebook
Jae: "If you want it, go get it" most definitely. Go getters get it going.
14. Beach or mountain? Travel or sleep?
– Jovs Beñales via Facebook
Sungjin: Mountains are great but I feel like because I grew up next to the ocean there's just something peaceful about me being close to it. It's good for traveling and even for your sleep (Jae: Huh?).
Jae: If I'm getting a vacation… forget that. We are going to Orlando Florida! Disney World Baby!
Young K: I feel real comfortable watching the ocean. Other than the fact that I can swim around in the ocean, I can clear my mind just by looking at the waves. Also, I prefer traveling over sleeping! But taking a nap by the beach on a vacation would be perfect.
Dowoon: Beach and vacation. There are bugs in the mountains. Ew. Guess there are gonna be mosquitoes at the beach but one thing's for sure; there are lesser bugs in the mountains than the beach.
15. If you had to pick one, would you rather have vocal talent or instrumental talent?
– Melody Stressman via Facebook
Wonpil: Ah... I want both! But I guess if I really have to pick one, I would have to go with vocals.

Source: MTVAsia

this was such a cute and fun interview. some of the answers were pretty interesting though, and help, dowoon is too adorable for words
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