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Sports Kyunghyang 12th Anniversary Special Edition Interview with BTS

BTS "The last 4 years were so spectacle to the point we can't remember the previous 20 years"

Seven member group BTS's (Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jungkook, Jin, V, Jimin) 2017 was glorious than any other's. With the sensitivity of the early 20s that perfectly fits their age group, they completely swept the hearts of the "youths" from 10s to 20s. The people who swept off their feet didn't necessarily limit to Koreans. Fans around the world go wild because of their voice and body moves, and we're sure the number would be increasing every minute. This is the period when the youths of the people who sing about "youth" shine the brightest.

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of "Sports Kyunghyang", we selected group BTS who is currently busy with their second world tour concert "WINGS TOUR" as our interviewer. BTS perfected their musicality, and star quality as an artist and captured their identity in their music through their album "WINGS" which released end of last year and "WINGS Extension" which released earlier this year. Their global influence is proved by their entry in the US Billboard chart, ranking in iTunes charts around the world, and the number of the audience attending their tour concerts. And these boys are preparing their entry to the US Billboard Music Awards. BTS who is currently on their world tour expressed their present, past and future with words deep from their hearts during the exclusive interview with "Sports Kyunghyang". What other groups than BTS could express "Sports Kyunghyang" that is still young and fresh?

[Part 1]- Nice to meet you. You have finished about half of the now. What are your thoughts and feelings?

Rap Monster: "It's been already...! My body is tired but my heart is happy. Every time I listen to the cheerings of the fans around the world, I feel an unexplainable joy. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to feel such emotion and I hope my members and I stay healthy until the end of the remaining tour period."

Jungkook: "I meet the eyes of many fans during the tour and the more we perform, I feel "I should really work harder to unite with our fans". Of course, the fun I felt since the beginning of the tour hasn't changed even now. I think I should improve my skills more to show you improvements."

- This is your second tour. We believe you would feel a little bit less pressured. What is the new type of fun you've experienced during this world tour?

Suga: "With our venues and number of audience increasing in size, we often try to think about the flow of the show and it's really fun to find this flow."

Jimin: "I felt a lot of disappointment after the first tour because it felt like everything happened really fast. However, I'm able to actually feel "the concert is fun"."

- Your schedules have drastically increased compared to the first tour. We believe every country would feel different with different vibes.

Jin: "There are fans who quietly listen t our songs, and there are fans who sing along with us. But the fact that all audience around the world enjoy our music and stage remains the same."

J Hope: "Since South and North American countries are places we can't visit very often, they really respond to us loudly. They sing along with us, they even dance with us and thanks to their energy, I think we receive more energy from them. Right now we're continuing our shows in the Southeast Asian countries and even their response is indeed fiery."

- Were there any funny episodes during the tour?

J Hope: "It's great because we get to enjoy the delicious local foods of each country. But we have a few members who are sensitive to food so I feel a little bad for them since I think I'm the only one eating the food deliciously."

V: "I think a funny episode will happen soon. Our members have been thinking of creating a funny episode. Please anticipate!"

- You have achieved many things in less than 4 years. If you could give us a short summary?

Rap Monster: "I think, 'We have really ran diligently. The last 4 years have been so spectacle that I can't remember the previous 20 years"

Suga: "We only ran forward during the 4 years. We really lived hard that it's been so hectic."

- What does the fanclub "ARMY" mean to BTS?

Jin: "They are a part of us. We were able to exist because ARMY existed. I think we're nothing if we didn't have ARMY."

Suga: "I'm happy because it looks like we're both giving and receiving good influence. The fans receive energy from us by watching us, and we receive the same amount energy by watching our fans. Thank you very much for giving us good influence whenever we're tired and exhausted."

V: "We're able to travel around the world and perform because of ARMY and I think we work harder because you guys watch everything about us."

[Netizens]Response +423

1. BTS and ARMYs are fans of each other.. Boys, we'll do better! Let's end the tour with good health! +211 -0

2. I'm so proud and happy to be a fan of such people. They sincerely love to sing and dance on stage and they give endless love and care to their fans. This is why I always support you. Boys, let's see each other for a long, long time. You will be more successful. Stay strong even today :^) +194 -0

3. I hope you will remain as singers forever~~~ +170 -0

4. Let's fighting. BTS is the best singer for sure +160 -0

5. Bangtans, aja! aja! fighting!~~♡♡♡ +156 -0

6. ㅎㅎ journalist, it's not only the 10s and 20s youths who were swept off their feet!! There are many 30s, 40s, and even 50s who have been swept off their feet! We were also youths before and there's always a passion of youth in corner of our hearts so how could we not relate with them!~ I cheer for this youth and all the youths of today~!! ^^ +37 -0

7. I live with hope because of BTS too +36 -0

8. ARMYs are happy because of your existence ~♡ +34 -0

9. I'm proud to be ARMY of BTS ~♡ +34 -0

10. I'm in my 40s now and they're by far the more hard working idol among the idols I've seen and you are the coolest idol. BTS jjang! +32 -0

[Part 2]
BTS, "BTS will be "BTS" even when we're in our "middle age"!"

-We want to ask you the questions sent by the fans. Are there any foreign artists you'd like to collaborate with or that you respect?

Rap Monster: "They are Drake, Nas, Tablo hyungnim, Yunha noona, and senior Lee Sora"

Jin: "I really like Coldplay. They are such amazing people so perhaps not a collaboration but I always support him from far. (T/N: He tries to explain that Coldplay is too great for him to collaborate with)

Suga: "I have too many artists I like. These days I listen to Flume's music a lot. I think it would be fun if we collaborate."

J Hope: "I wish I could make a fun song with an artist called Tinashe."

V: "I really love senior John Legend. I'm really a very big fan. I love all his songs but my most favorite song is "Start"."

Jimin: "I'd like to pick Ariana Grande"

Jungkook: "I wish I could work together with Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth. And I'd like to work with Radwimps to create a song like "Date"."

- BTS's songs have many difficult choreography. What is the hardest choreography out of all songs?

Jimin: "My solo track "Lie" is the hardest"

Jungkook: "I think it's "Danger""

- If BTS is no longer "boys" what will happen to the group name?

Jin: "We'll forever be boys in our heart so our group name will never change"

- If BTS members didn't become the current BTS, what would you be doing now? And your image in 10 years?

Rap Monster: "I think I would just be a university student majoring in business. In 10 years, when the waves pass I wish I could do music and perform in a more comfortable manner.

Suga: "If I didn't become BTS, I think I would be composing songs. In 10 years, I think I'd still be performing as BTS."

- We want to ask a question to every member. Rap Monster, when was the hardest moment as the leader?

Rap Monster: "I believe it's whenever I work hard to care about the aspects our members don't notice"

- Suga, what is your favorite hair color?

Suga: "It's black"

- Jin, what is the secret to your visual care routine that creates an issue among your fans?

Jin: "Frequent face masks, an enormous amount of fruit intake, drinking lots of water, and confidence about my visual, self-confidence and just handsomeness. These are the secrets of perfecting my skin and visual. haha"

- V, if you could give advice to someone who is shy and timid to grow their confidence?

V: I want to tell them not to be worried or scared about the next thing that will happen before it happens. I learned that being sad because you lack confidence doesn't help you. Fighting."

- J Hope, how did you begin dancing?

J Hope: "I simply loved music and I liked to express that music with my body and I think that's how I began. The talent competition during elementary school retreat played an important role. I think that was the moment when I really felt the joy of music."

[Netizens]Response +403

1. I like how you always stay humble and work hard. Please continue to always walk on flower road +186 -0

2. It's nice to read Bangtan's article from morning!! Noona always supports you :) let's keep going higher! +164 -0

3. BTS❤ they don't take things for granted, I praise my singer who always works hard with appreciating heart!! I will go to support you in the first row even if you do dinner shows many years later ㅠㅠ +157 -0

4. Bangtan Bangtan BangBangtan Fighting!!♡♡♡ +150 -1

5. BTS is the best~ ^^ +140 -0

6. In 10 years, 20 years, no even after 50 years, please remain as BTS! +41 -0

7. you have no idea that these boys are stealing the hearts of ahjummas in forty-puberty~ +38 -0

8. Our Taehyung speaks so prettily ㅠㅠ Jin ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can really hear him saying that ㅋㅋㅋ and I always say this but I believe BTS was able to do well because they have a leader like Rap Mon. Best leader!! ㅋㅋ Jungkook is indeed going around telling everyone he's a Justin Bieber fan ㅋㅋㅋㅋ cute ㅠㅠ they're all cute ㅠㅠ I like you more even when time has passed! BTS, let's last for a long time!♡ +38 -0

9. I can't help smiling as I read the article ㅋ Our BTS, fighting today and even tomorrow ^^ +37 -0

10. BTS, I support you and support you again~ +35 -0

[Part 3]
BTS, "We want to write songs with our parents as the subject"

- Let's continue the member-specific questions. Jungkook, you carry a large back pack whenever you go on tour. What do you carry inside your bag?

Jungkook: "I always carry a bluetooth speaker"

- Jimin, you show potentials as a rapper as well so do you have an ambition of joining the rapper line?

Jimin: "I'm grateful (for the compliment) but I have never thought about joining the rapper line. I think that's a very impossible thing."

- We would like to continue with the group question again. I heard that new music video was released on the 10th and a new Japanese album was released too. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

J Hope: "The best goal we have is to finish our tour well and show you great performances"

Jimin: "We are planning to perform in various cities and not only our album promotion in Japan"

- We remember you saying once during a previous interview, "we talk about our stories" but you guys wanting to "talk about other people's stories". You have mainly captured various emotions of youths who are in the early 20s. Do you have any emotion or vibe of songs you'd like to try in the future?

Rap Monster: "We still didn't get to tell a proper story about parents so I hope the day we get to write such songs come"

V: "I wish I could compose and write songs of my style on my own that could be comfortably listened by everyone. Even now I'm practicing very hard. Please look forward."

- Words for the fans around the world and readers of "Sports Kyunghan" celebrating the 12th anniversary.

Rap Monster: "Thank you so much for being with us always. I believe the glory we receive doesn't belong to us but that it belongs to everyone. We will always continue to go forward with humble and grateful hearts. I sincerely congratulate "Sports Kyunghan" for their 12th anniversary and to the readers. Thank you everyone and I love you."

Jin: "Thank you for being with us always. As much as we're able to shine bright thanks to your love, we would like to make you shine too. We will give you endless love. Thank you."

Suga: "I sincerely congratulate the 12th anniversay of "Sports Kyunghan". We will successfully end "WINGS Tour" so please look forward a lot."

J Hope: "Please give lots of love to BTS and readers of "Sports Kyunghan", I hope you will look forward to our future steps.

V: "ARMYs, thank you for looking at us with love. Thank you for telling us how much you love us often and thank you for coming with us until now. We will continue to work harder and present you with cool music and stage. I love you too. Readers, please don't eat too much ice-cream because of the heat, you'll catch a cold. Be careful of the fine dust. Have a great day everyone!"

Jimin: "ARMYs, always be careful not to catch a cold and stay healthy. I am sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to update you with our news through this interview. Thank you always for showing interest for us. Readers, please stay healthy always and we will work hard to continue showing you better image."

Jungkook: "We are really working hard. We will work harder so we can give you at least a little bit of strength to all of you. And readers, please do love BTS a lot. You will have fun and enjoy listening to our songs once you try!"

[Netizens]Response +416

1. I think I'm loving a really cool group of people :) thank you for appreciating and considering every little thing important. Let's see each other for a long, long time +200 -0

2. Their endless creative work, composing and writing lyrics despite their many schedules. You can really feel that BTS loves music and wants to do music when you look at them... their non-title tracks are really masterpieces ㅠㅠ +179 -1

3. I can't believe how sweetly they talk..♡♡ BTS, be successful forever +167 -1

4. BTS is the best~ ^^ +153 -0

5. the best, the best, I only have BTS♡♡♡♡ +139 -0

6. I can really see how much they love ARMYs even in the interview articles~ how could they~ reading this makes me see how kind the boys are... let's continue to walk only on the flower road~♡ +33 -0

7. the boys are really nice +33 -0

8. our seven artists, you're really the best! +30 -0

9. be our singers forever~~♥ +29 -0

10. you can feel warmth in every word they say~ +28 -0

Source: Sports Kyunghyang 1, 2, 3 via PeachsinodaWorld 1, 2, 3
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