Señora Interesante (sra_interesante) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Señora Interesante

The Legend Win Lawsuit Against SS Entertainment, Group Officially Disband

In a recent interview former member Jaehyuk confirmed what their fans have been speculating for a while now

When we last left off with The Legend, they filed a lawsuit against their unfortunately-named company SS Entertainment, claiming that they were unable to get lessons, they had no manager or transportation, and their dorm had no gas and electricity.

Well after a nine-month legal battle, the group won their lawsuit. However, as a result their contracts were canceled and the group was therefore disbanded.

This week ex-member Jaehyuk talked to OSEN:

Stay stronge heroses!

Source:, 5_Herose_5, OSEN News
Tags: disbandment, legend
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