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Nam Taehyun announces debut plans and first release after his departure from Winner

After hinting at their upcoming music release, Nam Tae Hyun’s band South Club has given more details on their upcoming debut!

On May 19, South Club unveiled a teaser image for their upcoming pre-release track “Hug Me,” which will be released on May 26. It will be a ballad track with a slow tempo that showcases Nam Tae Hyun’s charming voice.

South Club will be dropping their first album in June. Nam Tae Hyun has reportedly participated in composing and arranging the tracks, writing the lyrics, and designing the album.

Previously, a representative of the artist commented, “Nam Tae Hyun recently completed filming for his music video in Germany. As it is a meaningful first album for Nam Tae Hyun and his new band, he is working his hardest to show the most “Nam Tae Hyun-like” music, so please anticipate the upcoming album.”

source: soompi/naver, soompi/naver
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