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[OMONA DISCUSSION] Why are girlgroups at a greater risk of disbanding?

The past 17 months have seen the disbandment of many popular K-Pop girlgroups. A total amount of 11 girlgroups have ended their career, compared to only 4 boygroups. What's even more shocking is that many girlgroups were still successful and profitable acts with a huge fandom, making it hard for fans to understand why their faves would leave the scene for good. This post is trying to find answers to the question why so many girlgroups have called it quits in the past, and which team is most likely to be the next one.

KARA were the first of the 2nd Generation Girlgroups to announce their disbandment in January 2016

Let's take a look at their target group first. Fangirls are more likely to spend money and support their faves financially than male fans, who are just casually listener and in it for the fap material. Boygroups naturally have more female fans, giving them a greater lifespan than girlgroups.

The producer for the first season of Produce 101 once revealed that he made the show because he wanted to make healthy porn for guys. Men prefer young, innocent girls over older, independent women, which is why there are so many girlgroups out there doing the aegyo school girl concept. It may look fun and cute when girls that are still in middle or high school wear school uniforms on stage, but once they hit a certain age it just becomes unauthentic. Many fans voiced their disappointment when Red Velvet released the MV for their latest song "Rookie", saying that member Irene (age 26) is too old for this concept. A Pink, which members range from age 20 to 26, have been stuck doing the cute and innocent concept since their debut in 2011, and the members of SNSD were between 18 and 20 when they released "Oh!". So what happens once the girls try more mature concepts and stop shouting "Oppa saranghae!"? Hardcore fans might stay, but casual listeners and male fans who were enjoying the cute concept will just go and stan another group that satisfies their needs. Same goes for girls that are in their mid-20s or older. They are no longer innocent, pure girls but strong and independent women who are or have been in relationships. They are no longer fap worthy for men.

SISTAR are the latest group who decided to go their seperate ways

Another reason is the 7-year curse. Usually contracts between the agency and an idol is 7 years long, since this is the longest term they can have based on the standard contract provided by the the Fair Trade Commission. Groups that debuted in 2010 are now at the end of their contracts and have to decide whether they want to continue being in an idol group or do something else. Having spent many years being a trainee and an idol with strict rules and in the public eye, doing what the management tells them and not what they want, it's understandable that many choose to leave and try something new or pursue higher education.

Girlgroups that have announced their disbandment in the past 17 months are KARA, The ARK, 4MINUTE, RAINBOW, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, SPICA, MIXX, T-ara, Crayon Pop and SISTAR. Many were predictable, some were surprises. Which team do you think will announce their break-up next, OMONA? Take part in the poll and discuss in the comments below!

Poll #2068088 Which girlgroup will disband next?

Which girlgroup will disband next?

miss A
After School
Brown Eyed Girls
Girls Day
Nine Muses

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