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Our favorite soloist and Queen of Hair Dyes Yeeun aka Ha:tfelt turns 28 today! To celebrate her birthday I'm going to share five of my favorite Yenny moments!

💙 When Yeeun stood up for her fans 💙

Racist comes for people speaking "3rd world English", Yeeun quickly shuts them down gracefully.

💜 Her cover of "When you believe" with Sunye 💜

💙 When she wrote a song for a fan who passed away 💙

This song always makes me teary.
[Click here for the backstory]'The closing track ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ was written by Yeeun for a deceased WG fan. Yeeun was teary-eyed as she mentioned this. “She was a fan whom we [WG] were acquainted with the whole time. She came to our shows & fansigns. Her academic results were very good, she had always topped her school cohort until early last year. Nice personality, very cheerful. She fell ill with a brain tumor & died during the day of the college entrance exams. We [WG] had gone to the hospital to see her, but there was nothing else we could do. The news was a shock; there was no chance for a final farewell. It was my first encounter with a younger friend who passed away. She hadn’t even reached adult age before she died. It was devastating. I was in grief for about a month, then wrote this song. Whenever I listen to the tune, my heart always aches.”'

💜 Singing "RE-BYE" by AKMU on King of Mask Singer 💜

💙 Indirectly speaking out against Trumplethinskin 💙

After Robert De Niro encouraged people to vote against the Cheeto, calling him "blatantly stupid", a "pig" and a "national disaster", Yeeun uploaded a picture of De Niro to her Instagram with the caption "...you are right".

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Omona! What are your favorite Yeeun songs, lyrics, moments, performances? I really appreciate how bold and outspoken Yeeun is. She's also very passionate about her music... remember when she wrote JYP a 11 page letter explaining why he should let her use the songs she wanted on her album? Let's hope she blesses us with more music soon!
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