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"Seven Day Queen" Teasers and Posters

Seven Day Queen premieres on KBS on Wednesday, May 31.

The new KBS historical romance tells the story of legendary ill-fated lovers King Jungjong and Queen Dangyeong of Joseon, who were forced apart after only seven days together as king and queen. Yeon Woo-jin and Park Min-young star as the royal couple due for heartbreak, along with Lee Dong-gun as Yeonsangun, the hero’s half-brother and the other king who will be in love with the heroine.

The posters introduce our three leading characters and their part in the love triangle: Park Min-young plays Shin Chae-kyung, aka Lady Shin and the future Queen Dangyeong, the daughter of the most powerful politician in Joseon. She’s a carefree young woman who dreams of an ordinary life, but she’ll fall in love with a prince and end up caught in a political battle between their families. Her poster’s tagline reads: “I received a heart I should not have received.”

Yeon Woo-jin is Lee Yeok, future King Jungjong, a prince who must live quietly so as not to challenge his half-brother Yeonsangun’s volatile temper or his position as king. His poster reads: “For you, I will obtain the world.”

Lee Dong-gun plays Lee Yung, infamous tyrant King Yeonsangun who ordered bloody purges of scholars and basically turned the palace into his pleasure grounds. In this drama he’ll be part of the central love triangle, and his inability to win Chae-kyung’s heart will become an obsession for him. His poster reads, “I cannot permit that love.”

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