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Luna's Alphabet Season 3 Premiere!

The production value has really gone up.

  • Gives off a more artistic and sophisticated vibe than the previous seasons

  • Her composure, the manner in which she applies the makeup, and the fact that she doesn't talk seems to make her appear more professional and that she knows what she is doing

  • The makeup tutorial is sped up so that those who are interested don't lose focus and those who aren't really into makeup can sit through it

  • The cute faces and poses she makes and her upbeat tone helps set the mood and shows a bit of her personality

  • there's new BGM and sound effects

  • There are nice bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage giving credit to her crew

  • Since many if not all of the episodes are already shot and the new schedule for the episodes is every Thursday, it should give plenty of time for them to have subs for the video when released

You can tell Luna and her crew put a lot of time and effort into those 6 minutes. Let's hope she gets more new viewers this season!

Source: 루나의 알파벳 Luna's Alphabet, fyeahluna

What are some of your favorite looks/trends for the summer, Omona?

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