with eyes like (sunsetsbaby) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
with eyes like

LOCO, DEAN, HONNE, and Suran on Yoo Huiyeol's Sketchbook

SURAN performing 오늘 취하면 (WINE)

SURAN and DEAN performing 1+1=0

SURAN talking about charting at #1 and WINE cover art

DEAN covering Like A Star

DEAN on his song with Syd 'LOVE'

LOCO and DEAN performing 지나쳐 (Too Much)

LOCO performing 니가 모르게 (You Don't Know)

LOCO covering 사랑...그놈 (Love...That guy)

HONNE performing 3am

HONNE performing Warm On A Cold Night

HONNE rehearsing the Mannequinn Challenge with the YHY audience

Source: KBSKpop
Tags: dean, foreign celebrities, yoo hee yeols sketchbook
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