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T.O.P's Hospital Press Conference Briefing

The hospital where T.O.P is currently being treated has just announced that they will be making an official statement at 4pm KST this afternoon. A representative from the Ewha University Hospital in Mokdong has just told the media gathered at the hospital, “The doctor plans to give an official briefing on patient T.O.P’s condition at 4pm this afternoon.”

There is currently much confusion as to T.O.P’s current condition, as the Seoul Metropolitan Police, who originally found T.O.P unconscious, made a statement contradictory to T.O.P’s family and YG Entertainment.


At 4pm KST, Ehwa University Hospital in Mokdong hosted a press conference to brief the public on T.O.P’s current condition. A group of doctors attending to T.O.P briefed the press and then received questions on T.O.P’s condition, saying, “T.O.P arrived [at the hospital] on June 6, 2017 at 12:34pm. Three people arrived together with him, one holding his upper body, and two his lower body.” This statement confirms that contrary to the police statement earlier, T.O.P was indeed carried in, rather than walking in with support of his troop.

The doctors continued, “When we attempted to wake him up with normal stimuli, he had no reaction. It was only when we more forcefully tried to stimulate him that he reacted in a state between lethargy and stupor. His pupils did not constrict in response to light stimulation. His vital tests showed elevated blood pressure, quick pulse, and unstable breathing. He showed signs hypoxia and high levels of carbon dioxide, signs of respiratory failure. At this point he was determined to be in critical condition. We determined it to be an emergency situation.”

The doctors then continued, “After testing his urine, it was determined that he was suffering respiratory failure due to an overdose of sleeping pills. Based on his condition, it seemed likely that he could stop breathing and was thus preemptively moved to the intensive care unit to receive tracheal intubation. His carbon dioxide levels have stabilized, but he is still in critical condition. It was decided that the neurology and psychiatric departments should work in conjunction on the patient, and after examining the patient at 11am and again at 3pm today [T.O.P’s unconscious state] prevented them from providing the normal care. If the patient’s condition improves, he will receive psychiatric treatment.”

Furthermore, according to the brief, T.O.P was given 11 different variations of drug tests. His results came back negative for all of them except for Benzodiazepine, a common psychoactive drug used in sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication.

Finally, the doctors concluded their briefing by saying, “Because T.O.P has still not regained consciousness, he needs to remain in the intensive care unit.” The doctor also stated that in cases like these, it can take the patient up to a week to fully recover.

After the briefing, reporters were given time to ask questions. Due to the conflicting reports from the Seoul Metropolitan Police and T.O.P’s family and representation, the reporters on the scene asked multiple times why the term “unconsciousness” was used if T.O.P was simply in a deep sleep. The doctors emphasized multiple times that T.O.P’s current condition is indeed critical, and much more serious than simply a “deep sleep.” On this matter one of the doctors attending to T.O.P stated, “When people think of unconsciousness, they tend to associate it with brain damage. However, medically speaking, when a patient does not respond to normal stimuli, it is referred to as unconsciousness.” The doctor continued, “When T.O.P arrived to the hospital, he only showed response when poked with a needle or when pinched very hard. Right now, when we wake him up he can open his eyes briefly, but he cannot maintain a conscious state.”

As of now, this is the most detailed official update the media has received on T.O.P’s condition. It appears he will remain in the ICU until his condition improves.


The thread wont link correctly so here it all the info in text format:

- #Thread: T.O.P's medical condition provided by Ewha University Hospital in Mokdong by doctors
- T.O.P was brought to Ewha by 5 individuals, at the time his vitals were high in both blood pressure and heart rates
- We can't say for certain how many medications T.O.P consumed exactly, but it was definitely a high number
- T.O.P is still unconscious
- The medications we believe T.O.P consumed are benzodiazepines. These are medications used to help treat anxiety
- T.O.P will need to spend more time in recovery
- T.O.P's pupil reactions are not as quick as normal people at this time
- And his current state of breathing has not fully recovered either (will still need oxygen mask)
- They're going to talk to mental health doctors later regarding the entire case
- T.O.P is currently in the ICU because of breathing problems
- We believe that anti depressants may have been in the pills that T.O.P consumed
- T.O.P could have went into cardiac arrest because carbon dioxide in his blood were extremely high
- We found benzodiazepines in urine tests conducted
- According to the doctor, it was a very dangerous situation
- T.O.P will need to be closely monitored for approx a week.
- Doctors state that his level of unconsciousness is similar to waking up but far worse
- Doctors from Ewha University Hospital in Mokdong will be releasing an official report or statement after
- Doctors were trying to state that his state of consciousness is getting better. As in he still isn't fully conscious
- Correction: 3 individuals brought T.O.P to the hospital. Two holding his lower limbs, one holding his upper body
- At the time of entry to the hospital, it was noted that T.O.P had signs of hypertension, hypoxia and hypercapnia


Here is another twitter thread:

And everything in the thread since it is easier to digest this way:

- It took 5 people to bring T.O.P into the hospital.
- When T.O.P was admitted to the hospital, he had high blood pressure and heart rate.
- T.O.P is still in a state of near-unconsciousness.
- We don't know how many pills T.O.P ingested. But we know it was a lot.
- We believe his pills were from a class called benzodiazepines, which are meant to treat anxiety.
- T.O.P's body would only respond to very strong stimulations, therefore we can still say he is essentially unconscious.
- T.O.P's breathing is still not at normal levels, he will have to stay at the hospital longer for recovery.
- Due to the medicine, T.O.P's pupils did not react like a normal person's would.
- After T.O.P's condition improves, we will discuss his situation with mental health doctors.
- T.O.P's blood carbon dioxide levels were high enough where he could have gone under cardiac arrest.
- Based on our observations, it will take at least 1 week for T.O.P to recover. However we will continue to monitor him.
- The most important thing for T.O.P right now is that he needs psychiartric treatment.
- We do not see any signs of other drugs being used, only the Benzo.. (I forgot the full name)
- The briefing is over, I'll continue to add what I find.
- A few days prior, T.O.P wanted to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist but ultimately he was not able to attend.
- We have to rely on T.O.P's statement to determine how much benzodiazepine he ingeseted.
- When he arrived at the hospital, we checked his urine test for 11 of the most common drugs. Only benzo was positive
- It's obvious that T.O.P is still not consciousness. He will need to spend more time in the Intensive Care Unit
- We considered intubating T.O.P as his blood oxygen was low, but it improved to the point where we did not have to.
- We do not know who gave the police representative the false information of T.O.P's health status.
- Update: It seems like only 3 people brought T.O.P into the emergency room, not 5 as I initially mentioned.
- I think this is all of the relevant information from the doctor's briefing, I will update if something new comes out.
- Doctors believe that T.O.P will not suffer any brain damage.


(Sorry mods, I didn't mean to hit send when I submitted, as I wasn't done making the post. Added in everything now. I will also edit this if I see more information from these sources. I am shaking so badly.)

source: moonROK, balloon_wanted, OH_mes
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