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YG Entertainment apologizes for how they have handled the T.O.P situation.

This is YG Entertainment.

We want to apologize to everyone who has been disappointed and hurt by the series of horrible events recently that involved T.O.P.

According to the hospital briefing, T.O.P was transferred to the emergency room at Ehwa University Mokdong Hospital on June 6 after losing consciousness at the 4th Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

We hope that T.O.P regains his health as soon as possible.

Us, YG, have a sense of responsibility we need to take for what happened. We fell short of everyone's expectations, we will accept the fan's reprimands with a heavy heart. We will also do our best to prevent similar problems from occuring in the future.

Once again, we would like to apologize to everyone we have worried.


YG Entertainment has just issued an official apology on behalf of TOP. Below is the transcription of that apology:

"To all of those who were disappointed and hurt by this series of disgraceful events surrounding TOP, we deeply apologize.

As was stated in the official hospital briefing yesterday, TOP – who fell unconscious on June 6 at the dorms of the Seoul Metropolitan Police 4th precinct and was brought to the Ehwa Mokdong University Hospital emergency room in Seoul and then moved to the intensive care unit – is currently receiving his third day of treatment.

We hope that TOP will regain his health as quickly as possible.

We at YG feel strongly that we should take responsibility for this. For not being able to meet your expectations, with a heavy heart we accept the blame. From now on, we will try our hardest so that nothing like this ever happens again.

We apologize once again for causing so many people distress."

(I added another translation as well. Sorry if having multiple translations in one post is annoying, but I feel like it is important in situations like these.)

Source: sports.donga, oh_mes, moonROK
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