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in today's WTF news: fans want sungmin & kangin to be expelled from super junior

Soon after news about Super Junior’s upcoming comeback, one of Super Junior’s most influential fan communities, DC Super Junior gallery, has demanded that member Sungmin be expelled from the group.

On June 10, DC Super Junior gallery uploaded a public statement demanding that Sungmin halt his activities as part of Super Junior.

They wrote, “DC Super Junior gallery will not tolerate Sungmin’s disrespectful attitude toward fans and independent behavior that does not consider the group as a whole. We demand that Sungmin be expelled from the group.”

What they deemed most problematic was Sungmin’s way of announcing his marriage and his lack of communication with fans after being discharged from the army.

Part of the statement reads, “When there were reports about his dating, most fans congratulated him. But when fans asked for feedback about marriage rumors, he ignored those requests. It was when fans found out about his marriage through the press that they decided to turn their backs on him.”

Another reasoning was that Super Junior’s fans had given Sungmin the nickname “Mimi” since his debut, and they were angered when he began to call his girlfriend by that same nickname fans had given him.

DC Super Junior gallery concluded, “We no longer support Sungmin, who has shown disrespectful attitudes and behaviors toward fans, and we will boycott all of his activities as a celebrity. We believe that Sungmin being part of Super Junior will affect their activities in the future and request that he halt his activities as a member of Super Junior.”


Recently, Super Junior’s agency SJ Label announced that they will be holding a conference with representatives from Super Junior’s fan pages to gather opinions and discuss what direction the group should be heading in with their new album.

The agency said, “Super Junior is making a long awaited comeback during the second half of 2017. We appreciate how long the fans have patiently waited for this moment, and hope to include their ideas and opinions as we plan for future activities.”

On June 6, Super Junior announced their comeback, and many fans have asked for members Kangin and Sungmin to be excluded from promotions. This is because Kangin has been in trouble with the law for drunk driving, and Sungmin has allegedly failed to communicate with fans after his marriage and discharge from the army. However, it was revealed that this conference was not being held for discussions on the two members, but rather to talk about the general direction of Super Junior’s upcoming promotions.

However, despite the effort to create a meeting space, fans have not been too happy. Only “fan representatives” will be able to attend the conference, and how this person will be picked and whether they will express the opinions of the majority is another problem to be solved. Following the negative response, the meeting announcement has been deleted and SJ Label has yet to comment on whether or not the conference will actually commence. If it happens, it will most likely be sometime around the middle or end of this month.

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