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The Broduce 35 Boys React to their x2 Speed Concept Evaluation Stages

♬ Show Time
by Noh Taehyun, Kim Samuel, Yoon Jisung, Ha Sungwoon, Lee Woojin, Kim Sanggyun & Park Woodam

♬ I Know You Know
by Kwon Hyunbin, Kim Taedong, Kim Donghyun, Seo Seonghyuk, Jang Moonbok, Kim Yehyeon & Kim Donghan

♬ Open Up
by Kang Daniel, Kim Yongguk, Joo Haknyeon, Kang Dongho, Yoo Seonho, Im Youngmin, & Takada Kenta

♬ Oh Little Girl
by Lee Gunhee, Choi Minki, Park Jihoon, Bae Jinyoung, Jung Sewoon, Ahn Hyeongseop & Lee Euiwoong

♬ Never
by Kim Jonghyun, Hwang Minhyun, Lai Guan Lin, Ong Seongwoo, Kim Jaehwan, Park Woojin & Lee Daehwi

Source: Mnet Official

i'm still so sad about so many of my faves getting cut.. and this isn't really helping. :(

anyway, i'll replace these with subbed versions if any come out
Tags: hotshot, nuest, produce 101, topp dogg
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