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Former U-Kiss Member AJ Signs with New Entertainment Company

aj_new company

It has just been announced that former U-Kiss member AJ has signed as a solo artist at a new company.

The company, Rooftop Company, has just made an official statement to the media confirming the news, saying, “AJ, who formerly promoted with Paran and U-Kiss, has become a new part of our family as Siyoon.”

Rooftop Company continues, “Having promoted as an idol group member, Siyoon showed his potential as a songwriter and lyricist, and after his lengthy hiatus, he has returned having found his own color. We look forward to sharing the outcome [of that time] with the fans who loved and supported him without change.”

Rooftop hasn’t designated a specific solo debut date for AJ yet.

Sources: moonROK, Herald Pop

???? Pretty random news. He officially left U-Kiss back in August/September 2016 when his contract was up after years of hiatus. Somehow I missed the drama of him unfollowing the members on Twitter afterwards. Seems like he might have actually signed back in December judging by his IG updates showing him in a studio.
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