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NYAN Hates Goodbyes


It's been a while, I didn't know my continued pimping of the show every episode was good or bad, but since a lovely Omona member who I adore mentioned that they liked the posts I'm BACK IN BLACK.

This episode was recorded The friday before last friday if my memory serves so it's a little dated. It features us saying goodbye to the queens of kpop Sistar, as well as us joking about a subject that is MUCH MORE serious now. Please be aware, at the time of recording TOP had not been to the hopsital yet. We will be addressing that in the coming episode which we'll try to get out as soon as possible. ONCE AGAIN THIS WAS RECORDED BEFORE TOP WENT TO THE HOSPITAL SO WE APOLOGIZE FOR ANY JOKES THAT ARE NOW IN BAD TASTE.

Intro: SISTAR - Lonely
Outro: Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded before further information about T.O.P was released.

This week our beloved SISTAR disbands, T.O.P partakes in the Devil's Lettuce, Kim Woobin is diagnosed with a rare cancer, and Moon Heejun continues to be boycotted.

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