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The Day IU Gifted GD a Fridge Full Of Soju

They performed together Palette for the first time and talked about why GD needs a fridge full of soju

On June 10, IU appeared on stage at G-Dragon’s kick off of solo world tour concert “ACT III, M.O.T.T.E” at Seoul’s Sangam World Cup Stadium.

IU and G-Dragon sang IU’s recent song, “Palette,” and made small talk on stage. G-Dragon asked, “How have you been? We’re finally performing ‘Palette’ here today. I apologize for not making it before.”

He went on to reveal that IU sent him an odd present after “Palette.” He said, “I helped [IU] after she requested a feature, and she gifted me a refrigerator. I wondered why she sent a fridge, and I found out that it was full of bottles of soju wrapped with a banner of my face. It was enough to drink until I enlist in the army. I still feel dizzy.”

IU wittily answered, “You’ll have to drink up if you want to finish it before enlistment.” She then sang the female part of G-Dragon’s “Missing You” before going off stage.

First they performed Palette

Then they performed Missing you

This shy clumsy pair lmao

Source: Naver News via, Dorappi2000 1|2|3
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