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Be.A charms as they embrace their past and look towards the future in their interview with BNT

What are your thoughts on shooting this pictorial?
Honggyu: We’re shooting with bnt for the first time in a while. We’re so thankful that you film with us every time we comeback and this time too was very fun.

Ato: I’m always excited when I see that we have a bnt schedule. We’ve never taken a bad photo and the atmosphere while shooting is always nice. Today as well the atmosphere was fun and allowed the members to show each of their individual charms.

MiLLY: This is our third pictorial with bnt but our first time shooting outside of a studio so it felt new and different. Also I really liked that the photos show how I’ve evolved.

Yeongkyun: I always come out better looking compared to (other photoshoots). I had fun.

BomB: It’s my first pictorial after debuting. I feel like I’ve learned a lot, so I’m thankful.

Any concepts you want to try?
Ato: I want to take photos wearing a suit. I normally like wearing suit-like clothes and when I take pictures in the mirror and see my appearance shining through I think “I match those kind of clothes well and I think the members would too” so I want to have a schedule where we’re able to dress like that.

MiLLY: Kinda cringey. (Laughs)

Introduce the group.
Honggyu: We’re a 5 membered group called Be.A, short for Be Artist, which means that we will become artists.

Now, self-introductions.
Honggyu: I’m a Seoul native as well as the leader and main vocal of the group.

If you’re the main vocal, that means you sing the best.
Honggyu: That’s right.

Could you sing a bit?
Honggyu: (Without strength) Iyaiyaho.

(Everyone is still)

You’re the main vocal so why…
(Everyone laughs)

Ato: He’s the main vocal but if he doesn’t sleep he can’t sing.

Honggyu: (Laughs) Last night I didn’t sleep at all. We were practicing for the showcase and then this morning we had the shoot for the editorial.

Ato: I’m in charge of not being in charge of anything in particular within the team. Also I’m the member with deadly charm. And since my hometown is Changwon in Gyeongsamnam-do, I speak with a bit of an accent.

I’m curious about what each of you are in charge of in the group.
Ato: I’m the Ansungtangmyun-like member.

MiLLY: Within Be.A I’m responsible for rapping and within the company I’m in charge of rap and rapping. Therefore, I’m a rapper.

Yeongkyun: I’m in charge of breathing.

How am I supposed to write something like that?
Ato: Personally I think Yeongkyunie hyung is in charge of having the most distinctive character and smile within the team. His pretty smile is able to open the fans hearts. Also, you can see that he has a unique personality. I’m positive of this.

MILLY: By any chance, are you his spokesman?

Ato: That’s right. When Yeongkyunie hyung sometimes doesn’t say anything and just smiles, I’m in charge of being his spokesperson. (Everyone laughs.)

BomB: I’m in charge of being the maknae. I’ve been given the modifier of “an un-maknaelike maknae” because even though I’m the youngest I have a mature face. My role in the group is also rapper.

MiLLY: This friend is a cute rapper puppy that I’m raising but when he raps and even during this pictorial, his expression is awkward. Somehow it’s his charm.
Yeongkyun: You can’t say that’s his charm. If you do, he won’t practice.

BomB: I learn a lot of things like this from the hyungs. (Everyone laughs)

Are there any celebrities that you look like?
BomB: A lot of people tell me I look like Crush.

Yeongkyun: I hear that I look like Gong Minzy. Also WINNER’s Lee Seunghoon.

MILLY: Son Jinyoung. Especially when my head was shaved during debut. Even our eye shape is similar. (Laughs) Also every now and then, Jay Park.

Ato: f(x)’s Amber. (Everyone laughs) Occasionally Park Hyungsik. And the gagman Song Byungchul. I show a gag-halo. (Laughs)

Honggyu: Super Junior’s Donghae and SHINee’s Jonghyun. They say because we look like dinosaurs.

In Be.A, two members are rappers. Do you have plans to appear on ‘Show Me The Money’?
MiLLY: Since there are a lot of amazing competitors, of course I want to meet them on the battlefield. (Laughs) To be truthful, even though I personally would like to appear it would have a negative impact on the team if I were to do badly so I have to be cautious.

But even if you only get a few points, the team will still be more known.
MiLLY: I’ve also considered that. If I appear and only do well then I would help the team even more. But I think our group promotions are a bigger priority.

It’s not easy for everyone in a group to receive attention at once. Are there any activities through which you think you would be able to show your individual charms and let people know about the team?
BomB: In that regard, I would like to appear on the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’ that airs every year and let the group be known through that.

MiLLY: Whenever this friend does athletics he’s really fast.

Are there any idols you’ve noticed through ‘IASC’?
BomB: Monsta-X’s Jooheon looked fast. With my youthful vigor I think I could out-run anyone. (Laughs)

Didn’t Honggyu also play soccer?
Honggyu: When I was a child I dreamed of being a soccer player. However, my mother told me I probably wouldn’t make it to the national team and that I should give up so I immediately quit.

Isn’t that similar to her saying “You won’t be an idol as popular as BIG BANG so just quit”?
Honggyu: I was confronted with the realities of my youth. Wondering “Can I become a national player?” I felt embarrassed so I gave up on soccer and embraced my dream of becoming a singer. I’m incredibly satisfied now.

Do you have experience playing soccer for ‘IASC’?
Honggyu: 2 years ago, I was on a team with GOT7 and Boys Republic friends but I was injured during the game. If I have the opportunity, I’d like to play with the Be.A members.

What are the good and bad points of each of the members in your opinion?
Honggyu: Ato’s advantage is that if he wants to do something, he sticks to that path and perseveres to the end. His disadvantage is that he often loses his nerve. He loses his things easily and occasionally his wits, as well (laughs).

Ato: Honggyu hyung’s advantage is he has a warm heart and he’s humourous. His disadvantage is that when he has something he wants to say, he tends to keep it to himself and then gets hurt. As the team’s dongsaeng, I worry. Even still, since he’s the leader there are times when he gives us reprimands but when we show consideration he calms down.

MiLLY: Yeongkyunie hyung’s advantage is that no matter what he does he’s the type to work harder than anyone else and his disadvantage is that that kind of heart is difficult to digest (everyone laughs). During important times you can feel the charisma of the eldest hyung taking responsibility, but if he feels like it isn’t necessary or efficient then he immediately puts an end to it.

Yeongkyun: In life there are few things that are important (laughs).

Honggyu: Nothing is important except sleeping and gaming. That includes practicing (everyone laughs).

Yeongkyun: You understand me (laughs).

Yeongkyun: If I were to look at MiLLY from the view of a woman I think dating him would be a lot of fun. His merit is that he has a lot of aegyo. His disadvantage is that out of 365 days in the year, he’s sick for 300 of them. But the thing is is I can’t tell if it’s for real or a lie. If anything annoys him, the first thing he says is that he’s sick (laughs).

MiLLY: I agree with part of that. But the condition for me saying I’m sick is just that my condition is bad. If I couldn’t sleep the night before or I just can’t get my head together, that kind of thing. Sometimes it’s like casting a spell. “I said I’m sick.” (Laughs)

The matter of idol enlistment is a topic that always comes up. As I understand it, there are a lot of members within Be.A that are nearing the time for enlistment; I’m curious about your opinions on military matters.
Yeongkyun: Of course we have to think about it, but we aren’t right now. It would be irresponsible to throw away our chance at a fresh start after changing our name, so right now I want to focus more on our activities.

What are the thoughts of Honggyu, the group’s leader who has completed his service?
Honggyu: Truthfully, the two years feels like it’s passing slowly when you’re in, but if you just think ‘I’ll be out soon” (laughs) then it doesn’t seem that long and it’s nothing to really worry about.

Please tell us about your new album, “Magical Realism.”
MiLLY: It is the first album we’re releasing in the trilogy we have planned. The title is “Magical Realism” to reflect the theme of moving between reality and fantasy.

Honggyu: The title song ‘Magical’ is about seeing a woman and thinking “there’s no one else in this world except you, you’re so beautiful, you’re really the best”. Likening the woman to ‘Magic’, it’s about a woman who is too magical that has appeared.

MiLLY participated in the writing the rap lyrics for the album. Do the other members also think about writing lyrics?
Honggyu: We all have a greed for writing lyrics.

MiLLY: Ato is currently studying melody arrangement, and I am as well. BomB also has a burning desire to write lyrics. I think we can expect a lot from this well spoken friend.

How did you come to debut as singers?
Ato: Ever since I was a kid I’ve really liked dancing. My older sister who worked as a dance sports instructor and participated in competitions was a big influence. I constantly danced when I was in school but when I was in my 3rd year of high school I wanted to go to college and take the entrance exam, however at that time there weren’t many options for Arts schools that offered the genre of dance that I do. From what was available I chose the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment. At first I wanted to be a choreographer but while at school I began to learn about what a celebrity does and how they live so I naturally became interested and debuted after auditioning.

MiLLY: From my third year of middle school and through high school I lived in the U.S. During that time I had a lot of thoughts. Wondering what I would be good at while also trying to study. Honestly my original dream was to be a businessman. In my young mindset, I wanted to develop some unique item that would make me successful but I felt it wouldn’t be easy with my ID. I started playing with music with the thought of doing it until I found what I wanted to do, and then I graduated high school and returned to Korea. When I came back, I had the thought of beginning to prepare in earnest to be a rapper and it was then that I met Honggyu. He recommended that I audition for the company and then I debuted. In regards to that, I’ll always be thankful to Honggyu.

Honggyu: As a child, after giving up on joining the national soccer team, my dream was to be a singer. In order for me to pursue it earnestly, I wanted to go into the army quickly and after being discharged I auditioned for the company and debuted.

Yeongkyun: I’ve liked dancing ever since my school years. During retreats, I would always join in things like talent shows. By chance I began as a backdancer for Crayon Pop with my teacher after I left hagwon. During that time I received singing lessons at the company and then debuted.

BomB: Last year I was lucky enough to appear on an Mnet program. Everything was new and unfamiliar but gradually I gained pride in myself and learned a lot. Unfortunately I was eliminated but somehow I passed an audition with Honggyu and was able to debut.

You debuted as ‘Northern Snakehead’...what were your feelings about the name?
Honggyu: I didn’t like it at all.

MiLLY: I wanted to ask frankly “Is this how we’re going to begin?” My mother even cried. As if the group name wasn’t enough, about two weeks before debut the company told me “Since you have a nice head shape, why not cut your hair short to emphasize it.” From my mother’s point of view, she understood that to debut as an entertainer you have to do some showy things like using the name Northern Snakehead, but she didn’t understand why I had to shave my head and was shocked. Because of that I had a hard time.

Ato: Other than Northern Snakehead, there were other candidates as well. ‘Hurricane Pop’ was one. But we completely hated it. It was enough to make us want Northern Snakehead. I really don’t know what our CEO’s strategy was. (Laughs) If I were to speak honestly, it seemed like there wasn’t a lot of thought put into our team name. It was like “Let’s just do it”. It was to the point where when friends would ask (about the name), I hesitated a bit? My mother also cried when I debuted; she thought the name was so funny that she laughed while crying. (Laughs) My parent’s didn’t really care.

As the leader, Honggyu must have been a bit more nervous.
Honggyu: It was like being let down. We wanted to debut so badly that we just went with the name our CEO wanted. As such I just kept repeating (the name) to try to get as used to it as possible.

In the middle of promoting, you changed your name to K-MUCH.
Honggyu: Originally we had two names. Northern Snakehead was also known as K-MUCH. If you look at our costumes during debut, K-MUCH is written in English. Rather than saying that we changed our name, it was more like we just got rid of one.

But then you changed it back to Northern Snakehead again.
Honggyu: Honestly, the reason was we wanted to re-gain interest we were given when we first debuted as Northern Snakehead. Before debut we ranked first on the real time searches. As a result, the aftereffect of dropping Northern Snakehead was that nobody knew the K-MUCH name. We held a meeting and decided to return once again to the name that more people knew us by.

So since you were more well known as Northern Snakehead did you have any concerns about changing your name?
MiLLY: None at all.

Honggyu: Honestly it’s good that nobody really knew us as Northern Snakehead. I hope that we aren’t put in an awkward position again for no reason other than because of our group name.

After debuting in 2014 with 뭣 모르고 (Good To Go), you had no activities for 2 years.
Honggyu: We suffered when a member left but honestly our country at the time was going through a lot of pain. It was a time where not just us, but other singers as well rested from promoting. Furthermore, we were rookies we rested longer than we’d intended to. So we became more desperate. (t/n He’s referring here to the Sewol Ferry Disaster that happened April 2014, 3 months after their debut).

Your debut song “뭣 모르고 (Good To Go)” was originally the guide track for Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” and was a hot topic.
Honggyu: When the song came out, it miraculously charted in the top 50. Probably because of the effect we received from Crayon Pop and our unique group name.

You’ve now become the only idol group within your company, the burden must be heavy.
Honggyu: We feel the burden of thinking “We have to do better.” Now each member’s mantra is “I’ve done well, I have to keep doing well.” (Laughs)

What is Be.A’s strength?
Yeongkyun: Most idol groups nowadays have a lot of members and when you listen to their songs it can be hard to distinguish their voices but the five of our voices are all distinctly different. I think that’s our advantage.

MiLLY: If you look at us, all of our styles are different. The manly members are really manly while the cute members like Yeongkyunie hyung are endlessly cute (laughs). In Honggyu’s case, if having completed his military service is a strength then that’s his. Originally Ato had a ‘young man’ image but lately he’s become more manly while in my case there’s some confusion (laughs).

Who is your musical role model?
BomB: If I were to speak truthfully it’s MiLLY hyung. He knows how to have fun when he plays and when he works hard he’s like an office worker putting together an important report. I’d like to emulate that kind of versatile talent.

MiLLY: BIG BANG. Not only if you look at them as a regular person, but also as an entertainer they’re impressive. That they’ve managed to last 10 years as one team is also impressive. They also exceed expectations every time they release music. As an idol it’s not easy to release ballads rather than dance music but they opened that path. I think they’ve opened a lot of roads for idols. Idols couldn’t even think about writing lyrics until they started doing it. Because of them, idols are now participating in lyrics. So my goal is to promote for a long time just like BIG BANG.

Ato: If you look at musical ability, PSY is like my role model. Because his style is friendly and aims to touch the general public’s feelings, I hope to make music like that as well.

Yeongkyun: I don’t really have one. There isn’t anyone I want to be like and while I think (other musicians are) all cool, I don’t particularly want to follow any of them. I want to live in my own way.

Honggyu: BIG BANG’s Taeyang, Wheesung, and Jim Johan. I really like remarkable vocalists.

Is there any artist you’d like to work with?
Honggyu: Chris Brown. He makes music ahead of the trend and seems to be a leader in the market. If we were able to work together, we might also become front-runners.

MiLLY: The male vocalist who looks like a rapper, Dean. He is a person who has the kind of vocal tone that I wish I had. When women listen to him they say he’s sexy and even as a man, after listening, I understand why when his dreamy voice appears. For female vocalists, I’d like to with with IU.

Ato: I want to try working with the rapper Loco just once. I’ve been a fan since before and he does the style of rap that I want to try as well as a vocal tone that I find charming.

Who is the member that’s most different off-stage?
MiLLY: In my opinion it’s Yeongkyun. When he gets off stage his charisma is nowhere to be found (laughs). On stage he’s thinking about what he should do but he’s actually really cute and playful. But only when he goes on stage does he have the right expressions and gestures that he seems to have prepared by himself. Occasionally I’ll find him practicing alone in the dark.

Ato: Pretending to be a genius.

MiLLY: Also, this hyung doesn’t show us how hard he works. We always wonder “When is he going to practice?” but he goes by himself. He never shows us and it seems like he doesn’t do anything so I went to check and he had the lights turned off with the music turned up loud (laughs).

Idol groups often have activities outside of being singers; are there any activities that the members would personally like to do?
BomB: I think Yeongkyunie hyung would do well in dramas and movies. When I first met him I didn’t know it then, but he has a very strong character. I think he would be able to convey emotions well while acting so I really want to see him try once.

Yeongkyun: I practice a lot with the lights off (laughs). Naturally, I also want to try acting, I think.

Are there any roles you’d like to try?
Yeongkyun: A psychopath. I want to play a role like Ryu Deok-hwan’s in the movie ‘Our Town’.

Any actors you would like to work with if you went into acting?
Yeongkyun: I like Kim Hye-soo. (Laughs)

I’m curious about your ideal types.
Honggyu: I like girls with a face like Honey Lee. Someone who gives off a somewhat arrogant and chic air.

Ato: TWICE’s Tzuyu, After School’s Nana, and PRISTIN’s Xiyeon have the double eyelids and thick brows over small eyes that I find attractive.

MiLLY: A woman who would match well with an A/C commercial. Like she’s wearing a fluttering white skirt (laughs).

BomB: Someone with distinct features who looks pretty with her hair tied up, somewhat like Oh Yeonseo.

Yeongkyun: Jang Yoonju is really pretty. I like faces with Eastern features.

Any variety shows you like to watch?
Ato: Honggyu hyung is a big fan of varieties. There’s not a single one he doesn’t watch. He even watches ones from other counties.

Honggyu: Domestic varieties I watch are “Infinity Challenge” and “Radio Star”. I also like the Japanese variety “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!”. It’s similar to our Infinity Challenge. I really want to appear on IC.

MiLLY: When we’re in the middle of practicing we always watch ‘Knowing Brother’. Every time. We really want to appear on it once.

BomB: I like ‘Laws of the Jungle’ so I want to guest on it. I enjoy traveling and want to explore lands outside of the country.

Yeongkyun: My childhood dream was to marry early. Because of that, I enjoy parenting varieties like “Where Are We Going, Dad?” and “Superman Returns.” In the future when I get married and have children, I’d like to appear on that kind of program.

What are Be.A’s goals for the year?
Ato: We want to continuously promote without stopping so that we can attend the year-end festivals.

Finally, what kind of group do you want to be?
Honggyu: Even if we can’t rank first on the real time search rankings by working hard, we wish to be a group that can continue to release music for a long time together for the fans who love us. But ranking first would be even nicer (laughs).

source: bnt international / translated by be-a5 @ tumblr

i always love reading their interviews like this because they (especially honggyu and yeongkyun) can be so brutally honest about themselves and the group that, as a fan, it can be painful to read. anyways i love them and if u read this you will too <3
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