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💎 SEVENTEEN #DontWannaCry6thWin + #PRINCEHOSHIDAY + Other Updates 💎

[Winning speech translation, mpd performance and encore stage fancam]

Jun and The8 were not in their encore stage because they had a personal schedule

[#PRINCEHOSHIDAY twitter update and birthday vlive]no title
click the vid to watch the full vlive!

[SEVENTEEN Mingyu to join LotJ]

[Dispatch released DOn't Wanna Cry Special Performance Version]

for some reason jun, vernon, and mingyu are wearing animal onesies lol

soooo happy for the boys! 6 trophies for this era + they win it on Hoshi's birthday! double the happy! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
also lol Monsta X's I.M. called hoshi during his vlive and he hurriedly answered the call to tell him that he'll call him back 😂

Source: FALLinHOSH, M2, Mnet K-POP, OH_mes, naver, naver tv, INDY MINGYU, wonnhao
Tags: birthday, music show, seventeen, v app
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