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JINBO KRNB2 Documentary, Pics & Behind The Songs

After a long hiatus, JINBO makes his return with the follow-up to his last EP, [KRNB]. His upcoming EP, [KRNB2], is a compilation of old and new Korean classics, reinvented for the modern listener.

The Cut was able to sit in with Jinbo during a few jam sessions with contributors to the album. Guests such as Hoody, G Soul, and Sumin, accompanied by Docskim on piano, join the sessions doing songs of their own and covers as well.

Watch and listen to the magic that took place on Jeju Island exclusively on The Cut.

Pics From Jeju Island

Each song featured on the [KRNB2] album was remade—was revisited and revised—with the current global generation in mind.

When asked about his obsession with remakes, Jinbo responded that it’s actually not an obsession at all. Over a decade after he debuted, he chose to continue the theme started by KRNB (an album he produced and performed, mixed and mastered alone), because he wanted to chase away the loneliness he felt early on in his career.

It’s a loneliness that followed Jinbo extensively throughout his career, but he was finally able to collaborate with fellow Korean R&B singers (both concrete and up-and-coming) in the current Korean hip hop scene, creating happier music for his fans and happier memories for himself.

Behind The Songs
TT Feat. Sumin // Original by Twice
“TT” is a popular K-pop song, but it came out so recently that this is the first time it’s being remade. We got permission from Black Eyed Pilseung to remake the song, but we also needed permission from JYP.

We spent weeks going to a bar JYP is known to frequent, hoping we would get the chance to meet him and make him fall in love with our remake of “TT.”

I finally met JYP on a Friday night, around 9 p.m. In fact, Sumin had just got back to Korea (she had activities in Japan) and was able to make it to the bar in time to meet him, too.

We let JYP listen to the song, even putting the earphones in his ears. After listening to the song, he pulled the earphones out of his ears and cursed, saying “It’s so good!”

아주 오래된 연인들 Feat. G.Soul // Original by 015B
Jinbo sketched “Lovers As Old As Time” and “Apt.” while he was in Bali. For “Lovers As Old As Time”, he was inspired by Beat, a Korean classic starring everyone’s favorite Korean actor Jung Woosung, and Akira. He chose to incorporate sounds from them, making listening to the song more similar to watching a movie.

When choosing a genre for the remake, he stayed away from pop and ballad. Either one of them would have been an all too obvious choice. He really wanted to create a total remake of the original song, even going so far as to forget what the lyrics mean so he could focus on expressing his creativity to the fullest.

Jinbo was surprised when G. Soul chose to feature on this song. He said that he picked it because it was unique, surprising Jinbo. He’s highly anticipating what G. Soul will bring to the Korean hip hop scene now that he’s signed with H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS.

아파트 Feat. Nahzamsue // Original by 윤수일
Now, apartments are the most common place to call home in South Korea. The transformation of the apartment—of home—was brought to life and light in “Apt.” by introducing Jinbo’s own memories of his childhood. Like many of South Korea’s youth, it was spent in the shade of an apartment.

말하자면 Feat. Crush and Hoody // Original by Kim Sungjae
Jinbo collaborated with Crush, Hoody and Lee Hyundo, who was in a Korean hip hop duo called Deux with the late Kim Sungjae, to recreate “In A Manner Of Speaking”.

Lee Hyundo is 10 years his senior while Crush is 10 years his junior, which made coming up with the right remake a reminder of how much things have changed for Korean hip hop, especially Korean R&B.

A song about a shy guy who doesn’t have the courage to confess his feelings to a very, very cool girl, Crush was the perfect singer and the perfect actor. Jinbo said that he would often hype himself up whether he was inside or outside of the studio, which made working together a producer’s dream come true.

Crush and Hoody both gave him goosebumps while they recorded their parts for “In A Manner Of Speaking”, and Lee Hyundo helped with the production and the performance.

Jinbo and Lee Hyundo have a lot more in common than a love for hip hop. They lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same elementary school. He said that made him feel closer to Lee Hyundo, and now he considers him both a brother and a mentor.

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I was a bit slow in finishing this so the album has already been posted here to listen to in full, it's available on Spotify & iTunes. The Cut also have a podcast currently unsubbed but if you can understand Korean it's here.

The documentary is lovely - Jinbo speaks so highly of everyone, you can feel their passion & there's just so much talent. I love that he stalked JYP to get him to listen to the TT cover!
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