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So did you watch Produce101 s2 a.k.a. Broduce98? Are you thinking of stanning the underrated Pledis Princes that are NU'EST? Well don't worry fam, I got you covered. Follow me under the cut for a brief intro to all five members as well as my top 5 favourite songs from their very solid discography (it is media heavy so be aware). Though if you would like your information in video form or want an in-depth look as to just how NU'EST came to be what they are today, this is an excellent start.

NU'EST (뉴이스트), which no one really knows how to pronounce (for real, it seems like Aron pronounces it differently every time he says it), stands for New Establish Style Tempo. Remember when KPop group names were all acronyms for something instead of having mathematics involved? Ah the good old days.

NU'EST debuted on the 15th of March 2012 and is managed by the questionable the disappointing the mess that is Pledis. Their fanclub name is L.O.Λ.E, read and pronounced as Love. 100,000 votes to anyone who can guess where the fanclub name is from. NU'EST's five members are:

Kim Jonghyun a.k.a. JR (for Junior Royal, we don't talk about it) a.k.a. Nation's Leader a.k.a. Onibugi a.k.a. angel too good for this world too pure

Birthday: June 8 1995
Position: Main Rapper, Leader (duh)
Instagram: @pockyjr
Fun Facts: Reputedly the first ever male trainee Pledis took in (say what you will about their managing tactics, they can at least spot greatness). Jonghyun has been writing his own raps since NU'EST debuted and has 16 songwriting credits to his name. (And yes I was not willing to crop any amount of this photo so enjoy). Earned the love of the Nation and the World by showing himself to be a compassionate, loyal, responsible and selfless person that specialises in leading from the back, following the tradition of such legendary KPop leaders like Shinhwa's Eric. Looks, talent, personality - the holy trifecta.

Hwang Minhyun a.k.a. CEO Hwang a.k.a. Emperor a.k.a. Nation's Producer

Birthday: August 9 1995
Position: Lead Vocal and Knowing His Best Angles
Instagram: @optimushwang
Fun Facts: Fanboy to the extreme of DBSK with a bias for Junsu (good taste Minhyun). Also allergic to salt, meaning he can get rashes from his own sweat or y'know, when salt is used as fake snow. Like in the Overcome MV. Good job Pledis. Shown to have an incredible eye for talent from his formation of the Broduce Justice League, 4/6 of whose members made it into Wanna One. Also responsible for shedding light on the gloriousness that is Jonghyun by encouraging him to take the position of leader for the Justice League (see above).

Kang Dongho a.k.a. Baekho a.k.a. Baekhot a.k.a. Sexy Bandit

Birthday: July 21 1995
Position: Main Vocal and Searing Your Soul With His Eyes
Instagram: @realbaekho
Fun Facts: Was given his stage name by the Flawless Queen Uee when she noted his similarities to a character in a manga called Slam Dunk. Diagnosed with vocal fold nodules in 2014, Dongho continued to promote with NU'EST anyway before doctors made him undergo complete vocal rest as well as surgery. Thankfully everyone's favourite sang namja was deemed fully recovered in 2016.

Choi Minki a.k.a. Ren a.k.a. Ren Gaga a.k.a. Robbed by MNet

Birthday: November 3 1995
Position: Vocalist, Mood Maker, Maknae, All Round Excellent Human Being
Instagram: @glorypath
Fun Facts: The most popular member of NU'EST prior to Broduce largely due to his looks and ability to effortlessly carry off a weave (which few KPop idols can attest to). Has modelled in women's clothing, proudly posting the photoshoot on his instagram while stating that fashion is fashion and should not be confined to one's sex. 50% sass monster, 50% flawfree angel, 100% perfection.

Aaron Kwak a.k.a. Aron a.k.a. The One That Stayed Home a.k.a. The One We Don't Talk About

Birthday: May 21 1993
Position: Jack Of All Trades master of none (he both raps and sings with decent ability, his position morphs depending on what the song needs.)
Instagram: @nuestaron
Fun Facts: Born and raised in LA. Injured his leg and suffered from acute enteritis in 2013, and apparently this leg injury is why he didn't appear on Broduce. Has some mess in his past which he's apologised for, but that's all easily Google-able. We like him cause the rest of the boys love him and at the very least he emphasises the flawlessness of the other Pledis Princes while also enabling pretty dance formations.

NOW ARE WE READY FOR SOME EXCELLENT MUSIC? HELL YEAH WE ARE. NU'EST's discography has the benefit of being incredibly solid, but I'm here to give you a taster. So in no particular order, my top 5:

HELLO (여보세요) - 2013
This song recently broke back into the charts after the airing of Broduce's finale, a feat for any song that is four years old, and is my personal favourite. It's an angsty R&B song featuring some amazing tie + chair choreo, and a very odd but way interesting bunny hop dance in the breakdown.

[HELLO - Live Performance]

OVERCOME (여왕의 기사) - 2016
Fan-fucking-tastic marriage of concept + choreo, with the Pledis Princes pledging to be the Knights in Shining Armour for their princesses. Key points are the hand movements of holding/carrying a sword throughout and the clawing of thorns that attempt to keep the Knight from his princess. And fun fact, the album which Overcome is part of has a secret Love Letter - the tracklist in Korean spells out their fanclub name.

[OVERCOME- Live Performance]

GOOD BYE BYE (굿 바이 바이) - 2014
The first time most of us had seen Ren with short hair which promptly left many Loves fanning themselves at the sudden masculine maturity of our maknae. This song + concept proves that no one can do angst quite like NU'EST (let's just ignore the live fish). Also gotta love that hands-in-pockets-shuffle dance point in the chorus.

[GOOD BYE BYE - Live Performance]

The title song from their most recent album, Canvas, which is itself notable for being the first time the Pledis Princes have been involved in the composition of all the tracks. Each track on the album is intended for a different time of day, and Love Paint boasts lush, poetic lyrics comparing the effect of love to the blooming of colour on a canvas. And if you're feeling like a laugh, their Part Switch video is fantastic.

[LOVE PAINT - Live Performance]

SLEEP TALKING (잠꼬대) - 2013
Probably a contentious pick on my part, but I freaking LOVE the cheeky, wacky playfulness of the song + concept + choreo. There was some truly eye-bleed outfit concepts going on for the live performances, but hey such was the trend in 2013. A choreo point is the cheeky flash of hip bone during the chorus (there is one performance where Minhyun had L.O.Λ.E on his hip, but y'all can search for that yourselves).

[SLEEP TALKING - Live Performance]

And voila you're primed and ready to join the LOVEs that will take pitchforks to Pledis if they keep sleeping on their underrated Princes.


Their official YouTube channel is filled with all sorts of goodies, including choreo videos and the Daybreak MV featuring the Jonghyun/Minhyun subunit. This tumblr post is also another excellent diving point into the fandom.

Oh and since you're still here, let's end with what started this rollercoaster to begin with. The MV that started it all:

FACE - 2012

[Did you guess the origins of their fanclub name? Check to see if you received the 100,000 vote benefit!]Let's refer to NU'EST in hangul - 뉴이스트. The consonants spell out ㄴㅇㅅㅌ, hence L.O.Λ.E. a.k.a. LOVE.

Stan talent. Stan NU'EST.

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