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The Return of Superman Ep 186

Jiyong prepares a special day for Seungjae who has lately been misbehaving and going through infantile puberty. To show Seola, Sua, and Sian how to be brave, Donggook dives into a tank full of sharks. Yijun and William spend the day together.

I felt uncomfortable with that first segment with Daebak. It feels like something he'll look back in a couple of years and feel really embarrassed about. His sisters take such good care of him though, and those neighbor grannies are really nice. Also, who cares if Daebak gets scared? He's still so young, it's okay to be scared of things. Like, I think we should be afraid of sharks...they're freaking sharks. Stay away from open water. That little Jiyong doll is in such a perfect pose lol! Seungjae took care of himself very well alone! William is walking now, and can now enjoy the playground like the big kids. He also spends times with Yijun, while their fathers reminisce about their time on Real Men.

source: KBS WORLD TV
Tags: return of superman
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