9:11 am - 06/19/2017

WANNA ONE to be Innisfree 'Volcanic Color Clay Mask' CF Models Starting Late June

The masks were previously demonstrated by the boys on a recent Broduce 101 episode:

(starts at 1:34, but really the first part is too good to skip)

After the episode aired Innisfree outlet staff started printing out pictures of the boys as a way to sell the product:

Source: tee hw | Naver via @OH_mes | newstomato via @TheSeoulStory | @akaidemic | @hooooootmino

i'm so excited for them! i honestly really wanna try this mask now, but it's sold out online..
babyjenkski 19th-Jun-2017 02:32 am (UTC)
The first part if the video (cushion & lips) was so funny. I love replaying that part! I read somewhere that the things that they use in the program becomes popular (like that soldout mouthwash Jihoon used). They'll be effective product endorsers.
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