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Song Ji Na Revealed to be Main Writer for "The King Loves"

It has been announced that writer Song Ji-na is the main screenwriter behind MBC's upcoming melo sageuk The King Loves. The drama, based on a novel of the same name, is about the intertwined loves and desires of three people in the Goryeo dynasty and stars Im Siwan, Yoona, and Hong Jong-hyun.

Song Ji-na's previous credits include: Healer, Story of a Man, What's Up and sageuks Faith, Legend and Great Ambition, as well as ’90s mega-hits Eyes of Dawn and Sandglass.

Shoots for the fully pre-produced show have already wrapped up this month, and they only just announced Song Ji-na’s involvement. The writing team for The King Loves was unusual in and of itself in that it’s credited to a company of writers called Airborne. From what I gather, the story is that Airborne is made up of Song Ji-na’s mentees, and she was initially only going to participate in an advisory role, like a creative director of sorts. However, due to the complexity of the plot and characters, Song Ji-na got more and more involved in the writing process and essentially became the lead writer, though they’re still undecided as to whether they will change the writing credits to include her name.

The King Loves is due to follow Lookout in the Monday-Tuesday slot, and will premiere in July.

Sources: Dramabeans/iMBC/eDaily/Herald Pop/Osen | Soompi/IS Plus

Omona, do you like Song Ji Na's dramas? Healer is one of my absolute favorites and I love What's Up. Does this make you more or less likely to check out "The King Loves"?
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