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HF Music Company P101 Trainees Pre-release song - I'm Your Light

Click picture to go to link!

HF Music Company trainees may have been eliminated from Produce 101 but they've been keeping busy! The trainees have constantly held V lives and had instagram updates on their official account to let fans know what they're up to. Trainees Woo Jinyoung, Park Woodam, Jo Yonggeun, and Jeong Woncheol recently released a fan song titled "I'm Your Light" on V app!

Sources: HF Music Company V App | Mnet Official 1 2 | Project H Next Boys Instagram

this is legitimately so good?? i didn't really notice the hf boys until woo jinyoung came in for the position evaluations, but if this is the type of music they'll be releasing, i'm definitely keeping an eye on them! are you still following your favorite eliminated trainees, omona?
Tags: pre-debut, produce 101
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