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red velvet confirmed for july comeback (+ some rumors)

tl;dr: sm entertainment confirmed yesterday afternoon (kst) that red velvet will be making a comeback in july, their second of the year. the articled stated that they recently finished filming the music video for their title track, which is said to be a "bright and cheerful song" that matches the mood of summer. some other articles also referred to them as summer queens so we'll see how this ends up going.

[spoiler cut!!]

so, this is what we know for sure:

an article came out an hour or two before sm confirmed the comeback timeline which revealed that swedish songwriter moa carlebecker participated in two songs on red velvet's upcoming album (which, as of now, hasn't been confirmed as either a mini or a full). she most recently participated in the arrangement / composition of twice's "someone like me". apparently she also goes by the pseudonym casiopeia.

on the "oh heck, they changed their hair, a comeback must be on the way" front: joy (red) and yeri (blonde) were spotted with new hair when red velvet flew out (a day late) to smtown's workshop in jeju on the 20th. wendy also has a lighter shade of brown with a blonde ombre which is in desperate need of a deep conditioning. (they fried her hair so bad.) seulgi still has brown hair and irene has black hair. the hair color changes basically #shook reveluv's to the core because some rumors had been going around the prior day about them filming their mv and, shocker, joy having red hair, the former being confirmed with the airport photos and the latter yesterday.

moving on to rumored concept related details:

the members were spotted with very specific fruit themed nail art at the airport on the 20th. yesterday, some redveluv's were able to sherlock around and found a video that carlebecker posted on her facebook in may that people speculate could be linked to the concept / at least related to the nail art:

there's also been rumors floating around that the concept may either be more "mature" than their last two or that the music video may have a club theme, if not a combination of both. other than that ...,
it's all just baseless speculation. a lot of people think that the comeback could be, finally, with their second full album - possibly linked to the leaked tracklist from last august (which featured rumored songs written by teddy riley, shinee's jonghyun and f(x)'s amber) but we'll see. they're long overdue for another full though.


source(s): @kinoshiitas (1) - @maomaosforehead (1) - naver via starnews (1) @theseoulstory (1) - @smtownengsub (1)

i saw some speculation that boa's "comeback" is actually just a digital single that won't be promoted because she has some schedules coming up in japan so i don't know how accurate that is. and it's also being said that nct 127 is finishing their promotions next week so people are assuming that not only leaves open a comeback window for red velvet but exo as well. some people are expecting teasers as early as the 27th, the day after boa's song is released. i, for one, wouldn't be surprised!!
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