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GOT7 to have unit/solo activities, including a JJ Project comeback

GOT7 will be meeting fans through an upgraded look through a full range of activities such as unit and solo activities.

This summer, the combi unit project made up of JB and Jinyoung, JJ Project will head out. After meeting for the first time in May 2012 with single ‘BOUNCE’, they will make a comeback after 5 years. After promotions as GOT7, with solid skills and secured fandom, anticipation is building up for the new look they will present after 5 years.

There are also plans for the members to have various solo activities. Jackson, with solid popularity, who is in various entertainment shows in China and have recorded a high placing on music chart, through various activities, releasing a solo album in China and others, will cement his status as a ‘trend-dol’. For Jackson’s China schedules, there is an exclusive team set up together with plenty of staff.

Jinyoung will appear as an actor in the web drama ”School of Magic’ that will air in the second half of the year. Appearing in ‘Dream High 2’ in KBS in 2012 followed by ‘When A Man Falls in Love’ on MBC and ‘My Love Eundong’ on JTBC, Jinyoung who has packed acting skills will be meeting the viewers with different charms that the ones he shows on stage.

In JYP, not only Jinyoung, but the other GOT7 members who also have quality in acting are planned to promote in various opportunities such as dramas and movies.

my very first post to omona and it involves a jj project comeback, who would ever have thought that would happen in this, the year of our lord 2017?? come on now, let it bounce

source: @theseoulstory | GOT7 | naver, trans: ahgawings
Tags: got7, jackson, jj project
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