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Rookie Group 'Baba' appearance on 'Sketchbook' shoots them to the top of naver search

On their recent debut appearance on Sketchbook, Baba performed their latest single, 'Funky Music', originally released about three months ago and promoted fairly consistently since then. They officialy debuted in 2015 with their single 'Catch Me', and these are their first official promotions since concluding their debut era and having an almost complete member revamp, leaving Pureum the only remaining original member in the group.

Pureum (previously active as a soloist) and Baba's official accounts posted a screenshot of Baba at the top of the naver search rankings to their social media. Pureum kindly added a thank you in English: 'We are currently in the No.1 Real Time search website in Naver, thanks to everyone! I will work hard with modesty.#baba !!'

sources: KBSKpop, 김푸름 (Pureum's fb)

unfortunately i have no other information because even my google-fu is too weak for such an awkward/hard-to-search group name but i've liked them from afar so congrats to them! i hope this leads to enough success to make information on them easier to find at least
Tags: nugu, yoo hee yeols sketchbook
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