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This is a WM Boys Update Post!

Seven trainees from WM, known colloquially as WM Boys, took the stage on May 26 at Idolcon, a K-pop idol convention hosted by Mnet, where they showed off their vocal, rap, and powerful performance for the audience.

The members stated, “Yesterday we had our final practice and we were excited and nervous. Our agency seniors B1A4 gave us a lot of advice so we were able to do well on a big stage like this. More than anything, it’s an honor to be able to open for our seniors.”

The song they performed was “Original,” which they said would be on their first album as a group. Reportedly, the group is planning to debut sometime this summer, possibly in July, and are currently working on their first album.

Sources: ᅵ들야's YT; soompi; osen; newsen; wm_ggumnamu insta

How excited are you about WM's new boy group? Looks like they are going to have a more masculine/powerful concept than B1A4 did. Also, mods, WM ent tag? Maybe one soon since the company keeps growing?
Tags: dance video/practice, nugu, pre-debut
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