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NYAN 2 for 1!


We're getting back on track with the NYAN podcasts after a lot of moving and shaking (actual moving sorry :() We've put the train back on the tracks and we're hesitantly picking up speed again! We had a lot of catching up to do when it came to editting though, so we have two weeks of shows released this week. First we catch up on more tales of T.O.P (Recorded 2 weeks ago) and then we met again last Friday to catch up on everything that happened that week that we cared about.

As usual thank you for listening and if you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns leave them here, on our soundcloud, or hunt us down on twitter directly @NYANetizens thanks a bunch for your support Omona! ♥♥♥

In this minimal episode, Tim, Nico, and Kiara discuss some updates with T.O.P and the aftermath of getting caught, Gain's social media self incrimination, and another beef in the KHipHop genre.

Intro/Outro: Heize - Don't Know You

In this episode it's boys night! T.O.P's drug scandal gets an update, BlackPink beat BTS at their own game, Broduce 101 ends with the final lineup, and Apink receives death threats.

Intro: BewhY - Scar
Outro: Henry - I'm Good
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