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First Teasers for "Rescue Me"

OCN’s newest thriller Rescue Me has released its first teaser. The drama is based on a dark psychological thriller webtoon called Out of the World, about a group of youths who end up becoming involved in taking down a mysterious religious cult that threatens to ruin the lives of the people around them. Taecyeon and Seo Ye-ji star as the two leads. She plays the girl trapped in the cult who needs rescuing, and Taecyeon is the youth who feels a strange pull to save this stranger that he’s never met before. Lee David is reuniting with his Bring It On, Ghost co-star, and plays one of Taecyeon’s friends who helps with the rescuing. Jo Sung-ha will play the charismatic cult leader who ends up controlling a small village, and Park Ji-young and Jo Jae-yoon will play two of his loyal cult members.

The recently released teaser is composed of quick clips and a suffocating view that only shows us a tiny portion of the frame, which adds to the strange, chilling tone of the teaser. First we get shots of a long road leading to an isolated area, then we cut to Jo Jae-yoon’s unnaturally grinning face, which is followed by disturbing images of half-smiles, broken picture frames, and religious zealotry. A book titled “The Road to Salvation” is shown, and all the while, Jo Sung-ha’s voice narrates in the background: “Evil approaches in deceptively kind appearances. Believe in the new God and believe in me.”

Save Me premieres August 5.

Sources: ocn | Dramabeans/MBN | Drama Holic
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