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Feel Ghood Music release new compilation album including new MFBTY tracks

Hip-hop label Feel Ghood Music, led by Tiger JK, has released a new classy compilation album titled ‘FeelGhood’!’

The album was released online on June 27 at 6PM KST and consisted of 8 songs in total. The title song by MFBTY is ‘Clap’, a comforting love song that displays the happiness that love brings. MFBTY also collaborated with Arden Cho to make the track ‘Madhatter’, a song containing the rappers’ thoughts on last year’s scandals within Korea.

In addition, rapper Junoflo teamed up with MFBTY for “Panorama”, while soul musician Ann One contributed “Shot to the Heart” and “Baptized”. Singer/ song writer MRSHLL has two songs, “Circle” and “home”. Finally, fans can also listen to the remix of “I Want You” by Tiger JK, Bizzy, and Desiree Dawson.

The album is available on Apple Music

1. Panorama by Junflo

2. Madhatter by MFBTY with Arden Cho

8. I Want You Remix by Tiger JK, Bizzy and Desiree Dawson

source: drunkentigerjk, feel ghood music 1 2, koogle, 420힙합

i couldn't find the other tracks :(
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