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🌞June K-indie post!🌞

정혜지 - 나의 작은 고양이 (feat.의진)

this is a whole music video of JUST KITTENS!! Put a kitten in an MV and I'll watch it.

Vincent - Who You Are (feat., Nuckeub Shaah)

After appearing on the roundup a full year ago, Vincent's back with another stunning emotional piece, this time featuring a couple guest artists.

The Origin - Beautiful Woman

The Origin mixes classic violins with rock for an interesting and unique sound.

Other releases this month:
  • Masewonder - "Shonen Gate NY" album
  • Dazed's kpop songs you need to hear this June (features some indie artists)
  • Stella Jang - "Alright" M/V
  • OOHYO - "Dandelion"
  • Janey - "Lemonade" M/V
  • Stella Jang on Pops in Seoul
  • Suran - "Walkin'" mini album
  • Suran feat. Dean - "1+1=0" M/V

    Source: Vincent Official , DanalEntertainment, CJENMMUSIC Official
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