9:03 am - 07/17/2017

Bella of Elris mocks Wanna One Lai Guanlin's accent.

source: jisungyoons, nudongs

Imagine having the gall to come for a 15 year old , multilingual foreigner's accent, yikes.
shinychopstick 17th-Jul-2017 04:31 am (UTC)
ugh making fun of accents, speech impediments, etc. is the laziest form of humor. Even if it's "all in good fun", just having it pointed out can be a huge source of insecurity for someone who just wants to learn a language. It's not cute
torontok 17th-Jul-2017 05:00 am (UTC)
MTE esp to your last part.We saw on the show how insecure Guanlin is about his pronunciation.and how hard he worked to improve it (rapping with the pencil in his mouth, saying he won't order jokbal because he's afraid of mispronouncing it).
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