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Sunny Hill Left LOEN Entertainment After Contract Expiry

It has been announced that the members of Sunny Hill have left their agency after their contracts expired recently.

On August 18, LOEN Entertainment posted the following message to the group’s Facebook page:

“Hello. This is LOEN Entertainment."

“We are conveying our agency’s official statement regarding the end to Sunny Hill’s exclusive contracts.

“Our company’s exclusive contracts with the four members Jubi, Seungah, Kota, and Misung of the group Sunny Hill ended on August 8, and they have left LOEN Entertainment.

“We send our sincere encouragement for the futures of all the Sunny Hill members, who have been members of the LOEN family.

“We hope that you will send warm support in the future too to the Sunny Hill members who are preparing to make a fresh start. Thank you.”

Sunny Hill made their debut in 2007, and most recently released the song “Crossroads” in February of this year.

TT__TT. What's your favorite song from Sunny Hill, Omona? Mine is Pray.

Sources: Soompi, Sunny Hill's Facebook
Tags: disbandment, sunny hill

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