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Junho and Won Jin Ah Cast in JTBC Drama

Just Between Lovers is a tale about great people—people who don’t look all that remarkable at first glance, and who don’t appear as though they do anything of importance. However, these great people are able to withstand the coldest winds without flinching, and are able to carry on with their lives as if they aren’t in pain. It’s a story about pitiable people who comfort and embrace one another, and instead of becoming fearful of mistakes, they remain endlessly hopeful and constantly make opportunities for themselves.

Junho will play a character named Lee Kang Doo, the much-loved only child of a well-to-do family. He lacked nothing growing up, but he loses his father in an unexpected accident, and his mother to cancer. At age 20, he and the debt his mother left behind are all that’s left. Having become a delinquent borrower because of those debts, he’ll live out of cheap motels and will take odd jobs in an effort to pay the bills. Furthermore, his dreams of becoming a soccer player come crashing down when he needs to undergo three years of rehabilitation for his injured legs. However, a character will arrive who will turn his life around.

Won Jin Ah will be playing the role of Ha Moon Soo, who loses her younger sibling to an accident. She hides her pain and tries to stay strong while looking after her mother. Once she meets Lee Kang Doo, however, she’s able to bring out her hidden emotions.

Just Between Lovers will be directed by Kim Jin-won (Wonderful Days) and is being planned for a release before the end of the year on JTBC.

Sources: @kdrama_news Soompi/Naver Dramabeans/Sports Chosun

Junho did a fantastic job in Chief Kim and I'm excited he's getting a lead role, even though this sounds kind of boring. I've become a full blown Junho stan this year, I think I need an icon.
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